Do your thermo


There are a lot of personal things, without which the life of modern man. Smartphone, a toothbrush, a social network account, the cat — is not the only means of «survival» in the world of the 21st century, but a part of us. Always nice to have something no one else has. And thermo from Extrashot — what could be yours, literally and figuratively. And mentally…

In General, it makes you wonder after these words: as a travel mug can be unique? Socks with pink fawns from grandma — it’s unique. But the pensioner with hardly the strength to make good travel mug, and then the time to pay attention to specialists.

Extrashot set myself the task of not only producing lukewarm containers for tea, how many of them design to your specific needs. Any image: Gandhi in the APC, «the Ninth wave» by Aivazovsky or you yourself (maybe a little otfotoshoplenny) — a maximum of a couple of days and «warmth». However, if you know how to draw or make a collage — then why not.


Any image will look great on your chosen travel mug: it’s not «print on the cups» around the corner — the result will be perfectly tailored to the available frame and will not fade over time, even under radiation exposure. Okay, that last one, we’re not sure — not professionals.

But that’s not all. Extrashot may not only cause immortal print, but also give you the opportunity to change the image on the mug at any time. At home, you’ll have a mug with a picture of your wife in the heart, and the fishing — with a toothy shark. Isn’t it beautiful?

Nice that you can get a metal or plastic travel mug with the desired pattern not only in Russia but also in CIS countries — cheap shipping and fast, and in St. Petersburg it generally can be picked up for free. If you want to congratulate a friend, order a series of branded mugs for your company or just to please yourself, nothing could be simpler.

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