Do you like working in a sex shop

This evening you will enjoy an unusual read, which tells about the hard and harsh realities of our guests, we’ll call her Maria. She worked for 4 years in a place that is respected by the puritans did not use. But we progressives and instead hang some strange shortcuts on the girl, decided to get to know her experience. Addresses, appearances and passwords will remain behind the scenes — so necessary. However, the history from it will not become worse.


manygoodtips.com_3.08.2016_7aJywdWOCvO91When I say worked in the sex shop, people have already formed a whole set of stereotyped opinions about me. Very well, I find that experience only the positive side. These four years have been full of wild adventures, discoveries and absurd situations that arose in me every step of the way. I’ve seen old ladies buying outfits maids and nuns, and the couple sleepily trudge around the store, picking up a basket of different toys for your honeymoon. In our shop came prostitutes, police officers, office workers, staff cafeterias — people of all professions and ages.

Once again, to make it clear — in shops «with porn and vibrators» I appeal people from all sections of society, and on a daily basis.

On his «porn-Advisory post» I learned a lot about human psychology and sexuality. Deep knowledge of the client base gave me the understanding of human nature in General. And today, they seriously help me in my life, and you probably will be interesting.

Keep your hands to yourself


Many buyers are unable to understand that the store sex toys and clothing stores — not the same thing. Well, not to take up all that is bad. It’s a sex toy and not socks! I’m sure most of the girls wants to put into something that was caressed by dozens of onlookers-customers. If you want to know about something, don’t be Neanderthals who grab a stick and beats it against the wall. Go to the consultant and he/she will tell you.

If in doubt — ask

There is nothing wrong with asking more experienced people. But listen friends never worth it. They can fill your head with inaccurate information that got off your ass, and not from personal experience. And all in order to impress. The most common idea that I had to hear is the idea that conventional oil safer vaginal lubrication. It is not, unless you want to have your girlfriend had a yeast infection.

Ben WA balls are not designed to Asses your girls — they are for the vagina because the cervix prevents them from getting lost inside. I would recommend to read the instructions for use and, at least sometimes, use Google before you start any manipulation of the toys.

The customer is always wrong

manygoodtips.com_3.08.2016_d1ioLQVYNJBjyAs for customer service, then I, as the seller-consultant is not obliged to return money for the goods.

I remember a case when an angry woman came with Dildo and threw it on the table and said, «this toy made me cum». And she really thought it was a legitimate reason for the return. But you know, most shops sex toys products don’t support this.

I believe that everyone deserves an orgasm, but to achieve it you need to make the effort, one toy will not do. The problem, of course, not in simulators, but in the people. Subsequently, before the sale I strongly recommend its customers to check that the toy is fully functional. Quick scan, which was a simple press of a button, and the sight of a rotating or vibrating device.

Confess that this is for you

If I had a tenner for every person who blurted out: «it’s not for me» or «this is a gift», then I would be able to buy a mansion in the city center. Cheating, really, to anything good does not lead, because of hesitant buyers often take the first thing that catches the eye. Will be better, if people begin to discuss the toys with the consultant — we are there for a reason for beauty.

I remember my concern about buying tampons, condoms, lubricants.

I thought, «what about me would people think?».

But then I realized that they did not think the cashiers just take the money and forever forget about the person who gave them.

The organizers of the evening and the bachelor party

There is a category of customers, and they irritate more than anything. Real badasses. This guy may be over forty years old, but they behave like real children who place in the sandbox. They are silly giggle and ask about straws in penis hats penis, candy penis, the beads in the penis. Penis, penis, penis! Gosh, they are idiots.

No children, please I don’t know, but this law. I can say that teenagers will not hurt a visit to a sex shop, and some of them should urgently be formed from this part of the (adolescent pregnancy is proof of that), but according to the laws of this country the age of consent is 16 years. And with that, I will not argue. If you are against this situation, then write something to the legislators.

Consultants in sex shops deserve great respect

When I worked in the store, it was not just a man who takes money in one hand and the other produces goods. I waged war with the ignorance of our consumers. And this ignorance will cause many troubles on the sexual soil. A hundred times a week, I explained that the pills to increase erection and even increase the risk of heart attack. I listened to the intimate details of many clients, provide them with psychological support. I even was a guard, as a lot of people who want to steal artificial vagina, and not fair to pay for it. More just sick of people who stole things from the store for fun.

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