Do the men like children?


At some moment you realize that a decent number of your friends already have kids, and the other part is serious and a small percentage don’t even plan to. Suddenly you start to panic: what if you missed that moment when I had children, and it may be too late? It is not strange, but these thoughts will you visit, even if you’ve never experienced his ardent love for children and did not want a serious relationship. When your classmates have children, when your close friends have children, you can’t help wondering: maybe I should go? You fall into a sort of syndrome of Ted Mosby from the show «How I met your mother». When your close friends are getting married, you feel like you should be, too. It is a collective instinct, but not so simple.

On the one hand, you are faced with a very serious decision in your life. And it is quite scary. But on the other hand, paternity can be fun and interesting to do. Many men dream to raise my son. Some people still manage to dislike children in General, but dream about how they will raise their children, play games with them, to tell what we know about women. This is some stupid romantic flair. On the other hand, the birth of a girl. For starters, no one likes this idea. What to do with the girl? What to teach her, she already seems uninteresting. And when she grows up and it will start to climb from all sides men? How can you worry that your girl is fucking some asshole? But you quickly realize that the girl in fact you can do the same thing with the boy: to play the same games, read books and answer the same questions. However, the girls are once more being given care and love, probably because they are cute.

But there are also negative things. For example, the strong hormonal changes your woman after pregnancy with a thin trostenetsky with luxurious hair will turn into a lady in three sizes with a measly three hairs on her head because of the lack of nutrients in the body. The girl did not immediately to return to the original state, perhaps because of the lack of time, no return. The smell of diapers, constant screaming, inappropriate behavior of infants, which can be much more upsetting than the behavior of any pet.

Some men can’t handle it. Family and responsibility scare them. But even more of them frighten children need to be ready mentally. If you can’t live thinking that you have to abandon the frequent get-togethers with friends for beer until dawn, then you’re not ready yet.

Be ready

When a child is born, there is no turning back. If you’re making a cat, it can be returned back, will, of course, embarrassing, but still. But when a child is born, there is no turning back. You can, of course, to go, to the yoke of «Cattle», to pay child support, but you will still be a child. Time to change life, change life priorities, otherwise it will not work. Otherwise you child will get so pissed off for any reason. You’re going to shy away from him, and the only help that will get your woman, it’s a short period when you want to keep the baby at arm’s length, and it will pull at his pants. Of course, when you both decided to have children, walk up and decided to continue the race, you have time to prepare for the children. Or so it feels. When leprosy Pets will not be perceived as a small tragedy, but as a natural course of events, because the animal is stupid and does not understand that hitting is not a vase, you’ll be mentally ready for children. In General, Pets and care for them very helpful in preparing for parenthood.

The financial aspect

Never think that God will give Bunny, God willing and the lawn. This is a huge mistake! Children should do only when you earn enough to support yourself, her and the baby. Otherwise it will be difficult. You have to support the child financially at least in the period from zero to 18 years. And that’s the minimum! Next comes training, which is likely that time will be paid. I want the child earned the right to grants? Will have to buy the services of private Tutors and a lot of books. In addition, the child must not be worse than others. He should go to kindergarten with a decent toys to school with decent clothes, at a University with a decent appearance. Kids will find something to laugh at somebody, but most of all they don’t like people much different from them.

Sufficient stability

One friend of my family got married for the wrong reasons in 20 years. In the first year, she gave birth to one child, after a period after the first gave birth to another. For ten years she bore four children. Her husband not only loved her for that time, but was not able to provide a decent future for their children. He divorced her after the birth of their fourth child. Child support pays her a meager, apparently with «the white salary». Remained she did not know how she was, like a manicure does. A stable family unit, without recrimination, love and care can nurture the child and will be able to pick it up, because they will genuinely care about each other.

Perfect your woman for a mother

The problem is, the man that every girl (if she has no problems) could give birth. But not everyone can become a mother. Mother is a special character. Some girls can become great mothers, but they are not very capable to earn a living. And they may not like you. Another thing — a great darling, a real bro in small tight shorts, but she can’t be a mother, not only because she dislikes children, but because she has no head for the permanent care of a living creature and have no desire to be responsible.

But sometimes you can find a good girl who will be loved and a good mother. But it is a rarity, I’m serious. If the girl is not suitable for this job, and you want to become a father, it is not necessary to spoil the life of the future child who does not receive proper care, attention and care. Want kids? Find the appropriate woman.

Are you ready for fatherhood?

Soberly treat the set situation. You may want to give it to Boxing, but he would not lie to the soul. He’d draw! The child may not be grateful, he may not treat you with more respect. Parenthood is hard, and all your fantasies on the subject — a fantasy. Treat this idea clearly. Along with the thoughts «I read him «the Hobbit»» imagine that a) he will poop and it will be a terrible stink. b) he doesn’t like the works of Tolkien. How are you gonna live?

The answer to the question «do the men like children?» depends on men. Some want, some don’t want, and some do not ever want to be, not because they are immature and not responsible, but because they do not need it.

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