Do something with your cords!


Cords is a huge problem. In my backpack I carry the charger on the tablet, if take it, micro-USB and headphones. And all this stuff in a result of tangling. A friend of mine binds up all of this stuff, stationery rubber band, and I’m not comfortable with. Besides, sometimes under someone else’s gum fall into the other wire and spoil the whole picture. Who will finally come up with a normal organizer for a cord, so that nothing is confused, and everything was in place to the great delight of meticulous?

The guys from Los Angeles came up with a great way to organize things in your backpack or bag! The guys did a cool pockets, cases and holders for the blocks charging, and headphone wires. All holders are made of high quality leather, and if they need to hang somewhere, this can be done with Velcro. While the boys built, and only sell the holders for the wires of chargers and earbud holder for the power supply on the MacBook.

The prices of these things start with 19 evergreen dollars.

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