Do not you get bored with each other?

boredom in a relationship

Remember when you just started to be together, you were laughing so hard when I watched any movie and commented on it? Or turned the shopping trip into a fascinating journey? What happened? Where has it all gone? You feel like relationships have become commonplace, mundane and even boring? It is time something to do with it, because otherwise boredom will have to get more radical way.

Where did the fun

Yes, before the birds sang, the roses bloomed, and every day you pleasing your woman pleasant surprises and little gifts, but now things have changed. Your relationship has changed, and not for the better. Let’s look truth in the face: people change their relationship, they have something to lose, but in place of the lost comes something new.

If you used prepared her Breakfast and brought him to bed, and today just go down and buy a diner at the corner kebab — it means that something really went wrong and you don’t want to strain once again for your friend.

Naturally, over the years relationship is losing the novelty of the first days, but you can’t just take and lose the pleasant things.

On the way to boredom

The relationship does not become boring one day in the morning: this or something. Some of these items seem to you not such bad, but they will help to determine why the relationship has lost the intrigue. It is clear that they evolyutsioniruet as your friend, but boredom and evolution — two different things.

You lazy

You dated for a while, and now you don’t want to strain to try something new, go to new places. You don’t mind staying at home, and yet she makes herself in the room pedicure, you’re playing video games. Laziness does not define a relationship by itself, but it helps life to disbelieve.

You’re used to each other

That in itself is not so bad, but if you’re very comfortable feel with her, you have no need to impress her. Got up something exciting and keep around a mysterious aura!

Relationship, that goes without saying?

When you get used to the girl, it may happen that she will start to think you don’t appreciate her company. Maybe you think she will always be there, but life is tougher and doesn’t give you any guarantees. Buy him a card, flowers, kiss her for no reason and all that stuff — must be constantly nurtured in her a sense of how dear she is to you.

Here’s causes of boredom. What are its symptoms?

Both of you nerds

Early things that you did not pay attention: the food in the restaurant during our visits, music in the night club became very important to you. These minor aspects of Dating now mean a lot to both of you.

You don’t look her in the eye and say that he would like for her to do, but rather complain. When you sit in a cafe, you are unhappy that the food is cold, and you sit close to the kitchen.

If you find such signs in your relationship, then something needs to change!

You are constantly doing the same things

For example, Tuesday you posted. On Tuesday you go to dinner and watch a movie. You meet on the schedule, anxious expectation left in the distant past. You are constantly doing the same thing, and you even can not think to try something new.

Solution: Turn the date in game. One week she is making plans, and next week change. Find out what’s happening in the city, what’s new in your area, try to take the time with maximum interest and benefit.

Money has become an important issue

It is not necessary to spend all your savings for a rainy day for a date with a friend, just from time to time it would be nice to show her what it’s worth.

The solution: Stop complaining every time when you pull out the wallet in her presence. Why not buy her those earrings that she’s talking to you for two whole months?

The prelude no more

In the beginning you could spend on it at least an hour, and now you just get naked, do a couple of previous movements and get to the point. Purely carnal instincts and the satisfaction of natural needs.

Solution: give her a massage, bought some themed handcuffs — you know all about that.

You no longer kiss

You used to just to take up arms and smack each other on the cheek when meeting. You barely touch each other when she comes home from work and immediately go is.

Solution: whenever you take her hand, hug her and kiss properly! Let the whole world wait. Stay with each other, at least a few minutes.

You don’t say no more

Earlier you could spend hours to talk about joint plans to talk to each other about what they like to do together, and now you talk only about everyday things. Discuss which friends have bought the car, or gossiping about your buddy that got up with another girl.

Solution: More smart talk! Ask what she would do in various hypothetical situations, discuss the future, movies, books.

A couple of fun tips

Keep Dating

Even if you’ve been together for years and even live together, still do not stop Dating. You can walk to museums, walk in the Park or to visit a newly-opened restaurants — just keep the light.

Be spontaneous

At the last moment to book movie tickets or reserve a table in the restaurant, in the middle of the night breaks into the club, decide all on the go. You can even make steam tattoo!


Sometimes even the slightest change in appearance mean a lot. Grow a beard, shave bald — and you will see that she will begin to perceive you a little differently.

Do sports together

It so happens that couples who play sports together, get more fun from each other. For example, they have better sex. Good reason to enroll in a gym, isn’t it?

Learn together

Pull her to the dance, to cooking classes, the school of bartenders, learn a foreign language — the mass of options! Whatever you choose, do it together and have fun.

Spend less time together

To be there 24 hours a day, seven days a week not the best idea: lose the mystery and novelty. Spend more time apart and give each other a reason to be bored. If you live together, you have to have special private time.

Don’t let it go

Once all relationships are familiar and go like clockwork, but why not diversify? Even if your woman says not a word about the monotony and routine, still it would be nice if you surprise her and make her heart beat.

Don’t expect she will begin to change all of this: give her an example.

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