Do not wait: what they won’t return after a breakup inevitably result in a pointless complexity, and of which you never dreamed, when I was alone or I was with my friend and there were no signs of trouble. Parting is a test for your nerves and sometimes even for your purse — I did not expect, right? There are things that you can’t demand her back, even if your roads parted.


Let’s say you asked her to marry him, then you didn’t work out. It happens sometimes. Usually an offer of marriage is accompanied by a ring, which in case of failure might be kind of dumb to expect her back. Strange thing: it seems that it took you this ring as a sign of consent to your proposal. So, if she doesn’t want to marry you, then, and the ring she doesn’t want more.

That may be so, but in practice it is always much harder than in theory. Who ever thought of this, but if it fails, then who would dare to demand from the former one gave her a thing? Who can start this conversation, so rogue and miser? If that’s you, better hold your tongue. It is necessary to leave with dignity, but even more so it needs to be saved when you leave.


This separation is traumatic for not only you stupid people who tend mistakes, but your fur-covered friend you have already managed to settle in my house. To pick up the girlfriend of the beast is also a strange move: it’s like after the divorce to take children from the mother. It usually does not do. If it is certainly not an alcoholic.

The sweater that she always got took

Women have such a habit — and then something to hang on our hangers, and walk in it as if nothing had happened, like it should be. If she took a fancy to some kind of your thing, I bet she already considers her along with dresses and skinny jeans. It is difficult to imagine the guy who after a divorce requires a girl with her favorite pajamas, because he loves to sleep in it. Your attempts to return the sweater will look just as silly, petty and unworthy.

Your place

I guess all couples have their favorite places: the place you met, first date, place where it tastes best to cook a kebab or served very cheap and tasty beer — in General, the mass of options. Even after you break up specific spots in your head will still be linked to her persona, and you can’t go there with the same ease. Everything now will have to find a new favourite pub and a new favorite coffee shop because now the enchantment is destroyed forever. In addition, there is a danger that you may suddenly and without much enthusiasm to meet his newly ex-wife.

Her friends

Let you and her do not sleep, but it is still a pleasant and interesting person who has proper friends. You loved hanging out with them, you had a lot of common themes, one of them had a great sense of humor, and her fat friend expertly fried potato pancakes with mushrooms — it was the best hash Browns of your life, you still remember them with tears of joy and emotion. Unfortunately, just what you have to do for the rest of their days. You will not be able to be friends with her friends, because now you have nothing in common. Furious? But try to imagine for a moment that she started to hang out with your fellas — like you? So don’t poke your nose.

A good relationship

People who really managed to stay friends with an ex, I appeal to you: tell me, how did you do it? No matter who you were even before you became a couple — it’s ridiculous to think of such comparisons! Very often after a relationship being friends is simply impossible. Or you’ll forever converge-diverge, all these stupid couples, or cease to communicate like normal adults. No good relationship can not be considered.


All share with each other something personal, do not say to anyone else is a normal and logical phenomenon. When a relationship ends, you will no longer have something to link to, and your secrets can’t be secrets. Not a hundred percent of the time, but women found it difficult to keep my mouth shut, especially when there are no formal reasons. Be reconciled with the idea that now her friends can learn about something such. At least they won’t be able to discuss this with you — and thanks for that.


How many would not lasted your relationship, time ago, will not return. Ladies especially love this song for unknown best years. This has nothing to do better not even think.

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