Do not rush to go to the bottom: how not to blow the relationship

I have one friend — he’s always changing women. I was already tired to hear about it. Met with one — parted. Met another married, six months later divorced. Met with the third left her. And always whines that all women are not the same to him. But, dude, wrong? You seem to be very something wrong.

When people get divorced after six months, I think that they are stupid. I don’t mean that it is necessary immediately to the Registrar and never to have other relationships — things happen. However, we are not in that age to every month to find someone new. If something doesn’t work, don’t just throw: it is possible to fix and upgrade so that did not even exist. When something goes wrong in a relationship is not a reason to assume that he chose the wrong woman. And what will be? You never quarrel? It does not happen. However, there is always a way to bring the case to divorces, betrayals and recriminations. You just have to try.

Not all good ends

Everyone knows that the beginning of any relationship — the so-called honeymoon. At this time you are running around with each other as with a written sack and tell everybody how you do everything perfectly. After some time perfect ends and to replace him come the quarrel and bore. Sucks pattern, right?

I would say Yes, if I didn’t know one thing: the honeymoon may not even finish. To do this, just harder to stretch your ass. After some time (usually a year or so) people start to be lazy and they no longer want to do something special. Remember the traditional idea about women, who after the wedding will immediately disguise themselves in bathrobes and curlers? And not only women, men too, can after some time to show their nasty true colors. So, don’t be this guy! If you day after day doing the same thing, and you’re still and relaxed and fart in her presence, it all went wrong. Think with your head and privnote diversity.

Can’t say something nice — think again

The relationship does not turn to shit overnight. They gradually deteriorate. The first thing that disappears from them is compliments. This thing is difficult to explain. We like and admire our woman, still, she’s still beautiful! Just… what for about it to continuously repeat? Why tell her the same thing? Probably already memorized it. «She’s already got is where did she go?» Even if she’s insanely beautiful when you see it every day, it’s easy to forget how special it is. So pull the tongue out of your ass and please tell. She stopped trying to look good. When she applies various tricks to astound you, mark it and tell her how beautiful she is.

Don’t stop trying

Not to get bogged down in the morass of everyday life, it is necessary to do something. The problem is that many try something once and then never go back to this experience: shake his head and scratch on. Even if something was not pleasant to you the first time, after some time, try to do it again. Most people think that going to the movies is the only option for Dating. And bowling, karting, badminton, skating is all for what? You desperately need to do something together. Not always easy to find a new common passion, especially in a provincial town, but something tells me that the head is given you is not in vain and it can not only eat.

Sex is an important ingredient

Women are not as cute and innocent as we think. Probably in bed she needs a lot more than you think. The only problem is that women are somehow shy and not know how to talk about sex. Help her surprise — your main trump card. Choose unexpected places and moments — a very good option. Talk to her during sex, ask what she wants, get her to talk about her fantasies. So you will be much more interesting.

Don’t put yourself in temptation

Another point that many men refuse to control — the betrayal. Treason does not come unexpectedly, like a bolt from the sky. Hate to admit it, but we do allow ourselves to be in situations that have to change. Constantly spending time with another woman — even to write in Skype — is the first step to change. Don’t call me a bigot, just be honest. The more time you take from their women and spend on another, the more it looks like some sort of investment. Pretty soon they will turn into mutual affection, especially when you start to compare the latter-day Madame with his girlfriend, which you are now experiencing not the best times. When you have difficulties, do not run away from the problem and to seek refuge in another girl. Need to focus on what we have, and again to evaluate it. Often ridiculous infidelity ruin a great relationship.

It is possible to fix it?

Fix old relationships always more difficult than starting a new one, but the benefits of this will much more. Maybe at first glance you think you are all boring and uninteresting, but if you look closely, you realize that everything was fine until the problems started. On the other side of the street, the grass always seems greener, but it is necessary to cross the road — and I understand that it is no different. It’s the same with relationships.

The key to happiness is to work and preserve what you have now. If despite all your efforts, the relationship will continue to disintegrate, you at least will know that their efforts are futile. Otherwise you turn into my friend, which is endlessly changing women always unhappy and looking for something, he doesn’t know what.

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