Do not hurry to meet her parents hell is not so bad. Let costs increase by three times (on it, on food, on life, and then, if you’re lucky — yourself). Let you imposed responsibility, including the responsibility for her bad mood and quick method of withdrawing her from the shadows of apathy, but in General, that’s fine. Think about it: you’re getting someone who needs caressed, you have constant access to the vagina, and eventually menses are unable to scare you. To live together comfortably, like to meet romantic, and indeed, may not a man without a woman.And it would seem that happiness will not be your limit, but suddenly swarming with cupids and other winged creatures microcosm of your well-being violates the parents ‘ meeting.

Of course, there are guys who are looking for him to prove his serious intent, to show that, say, dad, I’m your daughter ready to endure to the end of life or at least until the divorce.

In such cases, you need to come and say: «Hello, I’m your new son-in-law».

And of course there are those who do it just like that, without thinking about the consequences, is most unfortunate — those who are lured into a confrontation. They did not offer a date for the wedding, and not sure I want to marry, but parents, understandably, want to meet. What happens to them? Here’s a cautionary tale.

There once was a boy, I was in University, doing my favorite thing, which is great, got no money, happy life, playing PlayStation after work and met a nice and pretty girl.

One day the girl invited him to her home for the birthday. How can you not go: after all, the native girl, and it’s exciting to see her mansion. And mansions exactly cheap popular Palace: with large Windows, turrets and enforcers on the perimeter. The guy walked into the room, and then ambush her parents. Tell him, say, come in, son, here’s your tea, tell me about yourself, what you do. And then the mother and girl left, leaving guy alone with dad, and began recruiting in the best traditions of the KGB. Dad started to wonder what kind of good plans for his blood, expensive. A year and a half to meet, and she complains that I talk of marriage as yet.

Good man about the wedding and didn’t think at all: they live in different places, meeting 3 times a week, shit, watch the movie, and what is striking, love each other — all kosher. But the Pope seemed to suggest that with daughters so not possible: either you marry, or fuck off. They, as always, will help, but you seem like a intelligent guy, out of you people. Only his work is silly talker to nobody famous radio come on, better get to my firm. And ring ready.

And became our knight with freedom and happiness goodbye. And he married kind of love, not desire. And since together before the wedding they lived, it was confused that the virgin’s house does, constantly complaining about everything, and she poops with the door open. So they parted, and then lived happily ever after, cursing spent married for a year.What’s the real moral of this sad story? That meet the parents is already a liability. Consider that you have entered the family, though the only thing you wanted was to enter the girl. This meeting is a sign of a serious relationship and the forerunner of a wedding. Of course, there are adequate relatives that the last thing I would like to give a daughter to such uncouth and disorganized slackers like you, but there are individuals of the parent species, an active presence and a clear reference to push you to legalized full responsibility for the fruit of their love.

Mother and later resigned to the fact that his child grew up, his father (before that he wants to kill all the men in a radius of a kilometer) angelic dream to dump this responsibility on a worthy candidate, as well as dynastic marriages went out of fashion, the choice falls on you. So time to think about it three times before I hear from your girlfriend that it was time to meet her relatives. Don’t forget one simple truth that will tell you any married and will hide any unmarried woman — all will make allowances for beautiful girls —almost all) maidens dream about the wedding to her husband, not thinking about how boring and troublesome family life.

And after meeting with her parents in her mind only strengthened the thought of the impending wedding.

While there’s no wedding, the bride’s father communicates with you as a son, calling on holidays, fishing trips, calls and consults, until one day he asked: «Youth, why are you not married?» Indeed, what such good parents. But you, you fool, you forget that you live with their daughter and parents after the wedding becomes so annoying that it seems like sleep and they say silly things in your ear you’re not his now wife, and her Papa.

manygoodtips.com_7.10.2016_5dAUAZmGjt7rZBut enough to mourn the bachelor soldiers of the front had fallen under the onslaught of ancient spells «chemosterilants» and «poehalismoimiroditelyamipoznakomimsya». Let’s talk about those who this meeting is looking for. Here is the answer to one question: what are you waiting for? I want to show myself that at least someone thought of you as a serious husband (really, people don’t know you well, haven’t seen you in everyday life)? Or do you want to make new friends in the face of her parents? Or you woke up the male breadwinner, who disappears with a cry cock? How much dust do not let them, it will still shatter.

The most delicate moment is, in what capacity are you going there if you have not had offers. «Hello, I’m albert, a sexual partner with the manners of something more than your daughter». Sounds lame, isn’t it? Everyone knows that you sleep together, and the table will be some nervousness. And the more awkward you will feel that you under the yoke of nepotism and nervous side views of her parents will want to quickly propose to relax the situation.

Parents will treat you with distrust — all because of the same misunderstanding: who are you, and what your intentions are. It is understandable if you abandon her, you break her heart, and after sitting with the whole family at one table. Well, if the parents have got adequate and light, but so, alas, is not always the case.

In addition, you will have to wait for all those uncomfortable questions — a great addition to an already nervous situation. In fact make a mistake don’t want you to come show your potential, but when it comes to her married classmates, fidgeting on the chair increases.

And apart from unnecessary complications, such a meeting gives a bonus in the form of the obligation to greet her mommy and daddy with the holidays, the desire to punch her stupid redneck brother, and compulsory attendance at family celebrations. Well, if they live with you in one city, but to go 300 miles on a weekend to taste burnt and raw barbecue her dad, instead of drinking beer with friends is a bleak prospect. And don’t forget, I’ll put you in separate rooms and talk too much will not be with someone.

The most fun is when you, despite the status, to actively engage in the process of life of the clan. Here and trips to the potatoes and help with the repairs, and requested shelter for the night a relative of Tynda, which is in transit in your town. And you can not refuse, otherwise relatives razobiditsya and start talking about you bad things to think and to advise light your eye to find someone more serious.Although if they doubt your existence and wonder why in 2 years you never went on contact, it is best to appear and reassure worried relatives. Especially if you do not live together. Otherwise, concerned relatives can start hounding him and convince him to find a serious partner. And the people, though lovers fall prey to the opinions of others. But you love her, just don’t feel the need to get married.

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