Do not have sex with pizza


Domino’s Pizza UK — Pizza Hut almost Americans. Very famous pizza. Of course, like most well-known companies that she listens to the customer reviews. Even to such strange. Some dude under the name LAD_VIGO the Twitter account of Domino’s Pizza UK with the aim to report the following: «hi! I just made love to one of your pizzas and badly burned my penis. Please inform the conditions for a refund. THANK you.»

No dude never sent the guy what for, and I said to him: «Contact our main office on this issue!» But the dude decided to fight for their rights until the end and wrote: «Why your employees told me that it is impossible to have sex with a pizza?» «Our apologies, we will look for ways to notify customers about this in the future. Thank you that informed us about it,» answered the other end. But our master of trolling continued: «This pizza makes me a Blowjob! Why didn’t you warn me?» This time Domino’s Pizza UK did not stoop, and said with dignity: «Yes, we were not expecting that our products could. Of course, this is an indicator of quality.»

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