Do not go near a dead sperm whale


When you live on a small island in the North Atlantic, most likely, it may happen that in front of your house will be thrown on the shore of the cachalot, which soon perish. The body of a sperm whale some time spent on the beach, while the local authorities didn’t want it to be utilized, and skeleton to send to a Museum, so the students had to stare. Ordinary worker cleaning the beach, armed with a large hook, about to handle the giant carcass that belonged to a giant animal that washed ashore. This video is an excellent reminder of why snow and dead sperm whales need to remove IMMEDIATELY. Gases accumulated in the depths of the corrupting carcass of a giant, hook the guy shot a thick skin of marine animals, and from there, just out of a cannon, with a hideous sound for many meters ahead jumped inside the whale. If the guy was standing a little distance away, he could die a very original death. And very, very smelly.

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