Do not complain and do not make excuses

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2016_P0r1ad5BUQuMAIn the morning you looked at the world, its huge clanking bells, and today prove to his girlfriend sakamushi from weakness of the eyes, stories about feelest the mass public. The world is not perfect. As if you didn’t know. But, you know, their complaints and pathetic excuses will you make your life better and the world better not do it.

Complaints of harm to health

They say that the complaints are extremely unhealthy. British scientists have carried out the experience by sending a man of 22 at the steel factory. Briefly about the guy: young, handsome, can not find yourself, constantly complains about life and the unbearable injustice of existence. Doesn’t work because it doesn’t know what to do, sitting on the neck parents, and every summer travels abroad. Goes to the premiere, in what does not deny, and still torn between the Scylla of reflection and the Charybdis of insolvency. Just Gad.

During the two-hour visit to the plant scientists thoroughly confirmed the hypothesis that complaints have a negative impact on the body as the «appellant» and his entourage that is in range. Accidents began to show aggression, impatience, nervousness and a strong desire to shut the fuck up parasites on their mood of the body. The unfortunate and unhappy with the body multiple fractures and an incentive not to open his mouth in the presence of the tired workers in the years ahead.

Many people rarely think about is to whom to pour out his heart. But the world is full of individuals whose life is filled with suffering, not your hamlet’s lamentations on the futility of existence. It is at least indecent and ugly.

In addition, complaining about all sorts of things, you yourself discredit, demonstrating my helplessness. Why do people have to deal with such a sad weakling? If they wanted to do business with the narrator fucking stories, you probably would call Sergei Pakhomov. Today you will poop them verbal diarrhea to one, tomorrow will poop them. Can not be justified, they have already made conclusions.

The nature of the complaint

What is the complaint? The complaint is the manifestation of the natural fixation of the brain. Well, so we arranged that the negativity is in us a burning emotions than something pleasant, whether it is the end of a dull ceremony, «Grammy», the gastronomic ecstasy of taste buds after eating a delicious Shawarma or emotions from listening to the collector’s edition of the greatest hits of Mikhail Boyarsky. You’re still 35 minutes you will be vilified in my head (and with bad upbringing will obliterate in vain) burdened with family and products from the market mom, you ottoptavshih suede on «the new Belasah». word work colleagues or accusations your girls in romaponti… Share once, twice, a third with the people – this is normal. Sometimes it sucks so much that ears belching steam, the pressure increases and out of every orifice oozing boiling water – it is necessary to talk. There’s only one problem: on the sympathy of an acquired taste, like most inhumane drug. A kind word is no worse than alcohol and heroin is helping to escape from reality. But as in any bad things, it has the side effect of addiction. You become dark, not even so insignificant a Complainant, a victim of life, humiliated and insulted by the injustice. Only problem this is not solved. Immediately to mind comes the memory of a close friend who decided to become a rock star, and became… Not so rhyme the word star to use, we’re decent magazine.

In General, the rock star, using the status of friendship, regularly calling with a very important message: a brief report on the feeble mind of music producers, sound engineers incompetence and backwardness of the audience. Writes his shit and happy, wondering why consists of plagiarism the whole year 80s-90s material is interesting only to a narrow circle of fans. To adapt to the market and try to write something for public consumption – a lot of cattle. It is easier to be an unrecognized genius and entertain the thought of the injustice of the world than trying to change industries, or to change.

And people who are forced to listen to your whining and judging by your behavior, note taking, eventually themselves become infected with this pernicious negativity. Here’s two strange things:

smart tired of your guff and send your ass;

– stupid and start to see everything negative.

Stop ruining humanity! It is srate, and the crowd is dull, worthless complainers, the country will not stand. No one will suffer. Even Malakhov, who daily listens to the whining drunks from Ust-Kamenogorsk.

Complaining sometimes is normal. Some on this make a career of the journalist or blogger. Complaining is always a bad habit. Remember, a legless veteran of unnecessary war, hungry and sick with birth, AIDS, African boy, the victim bankrupt and Uwe Boll fun laugh when I hear about your problems.

The absurdity of the excuses

Do not make excuses. Your friends don’t need it, your enemies won’t believe you.

– Elbert Hubbard, American writer and philosopher

manygoodtips.com_18.02.2016_Z4HtMSFm2FlcoWhen Winston Churchill was young, beautiful and not yet an alcoholic, then proudly worn on the uniform of a Lieutenant’s epaulettes and famously sent soldiers to attack. Career was built successfully, and soon Winnie approached the governing staff. In the headquarters, I must say, there was a gloomy atmosphere. The fact that recently returned from the front line reporters wrote a scathing article in which he criticized the entire General staff for incompetence. The officers became agitated. Some demanded satisfaction, while others suggested octuplet in the alley, and others, together with the General hastened to write a refutation professionals from a newspaper. And only Vinnie has kept common sense and tried to dissuade colleagues from such a stupid venture.

I said it would be undignified and even obscenely high officer staff of the army to conduct a newspaper controversy about the conduct of operations with a reporter; I was sure that the government and the military will be furious that the army needs to protect politicians and high-ranking officials from the General staff. No matter how good the arguments, the mere fact that justification will always be perceived as a sign of weakness.Here is Churchill, as many things proved to be much more sagacious than his companions. Not for nothing because people became Prime Minister.

Let’s face it, who can demand from you an explanation? Only people who for some signs are above you. For example, the authorities for bad work done. And you need to not make excuses, and explain why you did it. Between these two seemingly identical concepts – ocean differences.

In justification there is an element of cowardice: are you trying to please others, hoping to keep face. But do I need to do, especially in front of your equal status individuals? No. If you made the mistake, just apologize, admit it. In this much more courage than a chicken. Yes, it is a short period of time many people associate any attempt to justify it. You’re just going to expose yourself. Excuses – all the same what to recognize himself as a criminal and say that you had no choice. So do not hope after excuse to look respectable. The excuse put you on the step below.

A strong and free man always believes himself more than the opinions of others. His own actions are more significant. And is justified only by the perpetrator or someone who depends heavily on other people’s opinions, and will depend on it is a very thankless job.

If you feel guilty at the moment of justification, then you have something wrong, man. If you’re down to the justification, then you are being played. And from any social manipulation to get rid of. And the sooner the better. Even when you make excuses for what can’t go somewhere, you look undignified, just a thought the man, «it Means lying, if so justified, then, was your idea.» But it’s not your fault that you can’t or don’t want to go somewhere. Never make excuses for saying compliments or things that couldn’t do due to the fact that there were more important things to do. If you plead guilty, it is better to apologize. Making excuses makes you look weak.

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