Do not automate: do it manually, brave new world, simplified the human life. We don’t need to pay the bills, waiting in a huge queue at the post office or the Bank, jostling among the army pensioners. One flick of the wrist we make payment through online system. Do not rewrite thousands of times on important documents kontrl is, kontrl ve print. When too lazy to raise the fifth point and stomp out to dinner with a friend, you can always invite her back to mine and order food home. Washing machines, vacuum cleaners-microwaves: you do not need a woman to clean or cook in your house. In fact, for a long time you can do it all myself, with the help of modern automated equipment.

Mechanized life, the precise movements, the benefits of civilization – all this has deprived us of something important. They have lost the spirit of adventurism.

Of course, we are not advocating you to go back to basics: wipe mug and read books by the light of a kerosene lamp. But there is a small list of those things and things that you can do yourself, and it will bring you huge benefits. Not so much physical as psychological. For moral satisfaction.

When you create something with your own hands, you pay the product» of his time and efforts, you have time to think, and whether you do a similar thing. Or is this just another fad, and the desire to have and consume more?

For example, to go to the supermarket for groceries after a hard day’s less convenient than if you place your order online and rustling the packages were delivered right to the door of your apartment or office. But you realize that it is much more expensive, and go to the store yourself, saving your wallet from unnecessary expenses.

Every day we rotate in an incredible cycle of unnecessary information, to be exchanged for empty talk and chatter in the online space, quantity prevails over quality.

Information overdose, a waste of money, nerves and emotions – all this crazy attraction that sustains modern life, among which we risk losing the most important thing – the content and themselves.

Minimalism reflects a basic principle by which the universe works: get rid of unnecessary stuff in the head, in the apartment in social circle – and in your life make space for something truly worthwhile.

1. Cook it yourself

Stop eating fast food and frozen semi-finished products that disdain even the garbage cats. Learn to prepare his food myself, with the love and attention you deserve. So, the cooking process will take a little longer than usual, but cook it as much as you need for a healthy feeling of fullness, not shoving yourself in cotton meal, who wants to eat an hour later.

Keep in their bottom of the barrel potatoes, onions, carrots, butter and some greens. Even with your hands you will be able to create this simple masterpiece of culinary art.

2. Walk

Try to walk more or to ride a bike, try to see the beauty that is hidden in the concrete jungle. If you go by car, you can think about is how to catch the green, how to avoid a traffic jam, etc. don’t take the pleasant events of your life for granted. As the fruit of your labors, even partially, it is true. Gratitude – the most powerful feelings, for their strength is similar to anger and other destructive feelings, but, unlike them, it ennobles man, brings long-awaited peace and tranquility.

3. Write letters on paper

Try to write private messages to hand-letter, if you want to communicate something important to a loved one. This will give the necessary pause that allows you to ponder each word: more sense, less guff. Epistolary genre has long been forgotten in the age of modern technology. And reading classic literature, there is an involuntary feeling of nostalgia for those times that you are not caught.

Letters can be written not only in urgent need, but at the moment when you are overwhelmed with feelings. Write what can’t say in person, because the most epic moment your tongue swells to the size of the balloon that sticks to the throat and you blather something incomprehensible in the face of the astonished ladies. In a quiet environment you can gather your thoughts and get your feelings out on paper, rewriting, and adding that after some time, you may be confused.

The letter is a perfect option for those who speaks first, thinks later, condemning themselves to unnecessary hemorrhoids.

Remember that all women dream to get letters. Crooked letter, albeit with errors but full of sincere feelings, will help to revive the dying relationship or to start a new story.

Get inspired by the creativity of the craftsmen of the word, marking the rambling streams of consciousness – is not important. The one who is the addressee of these letters, will be able to understand and speculate on what meaning you put into your own words.

4. Chat live

Try to negotiate in person. This is a more productive method than communicating in social networks, by e-mail and even by phone. Undoubtedly, it is not always possible due to the territorial status of the person or time frame. But when possible, try to appoint an interlocutor-person meeting.

5. Build and repair

Try to create some kind of rags. Let it’s childish, but this is a creative process and a challenge fashion. Turn elegant trousers are not less elegant shorts. Think about the best warunkach of their youth, or about how hip whiskering can be made of skins or pieces of brick.

Decorate the wall of his painting. No matter that it will be a picture of something unexplained, but look at the modern antics! And who of them can accuse you in lack of artistic skill?

Instead of buying furniture sales at IKEA, do the same a simple chair, but only with their hands. Sometimes trying to fix broken things myself, and not to take them in for repair. You will be surprised how it is sometimes interesting and not as difficult as it may seem at first.

Start small. Master a new skill. Perhaps it will inspire you to put in incredible amounts of wood to build houses and the list goes on.

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