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Last week (sort of, just in the past) I talked about the dude needs money to get any chick. We came to the conclusion that actually the money is very welcome, although not mandatory. And today we will poolevery for another controversial topic: «we Need really to look good to get any girl?».

It matter?

Yeah, man, good looks for the girls is important, but not as big as you think. Care about their appearance just gives us more chances and opportunities, but if there’s something else, the chances of a beautiful and charismatic guy can be higher than just charismatic. Of course, if you’re beautiful and suitable for any friend to know, the chances that the first impression will be more enjoyable, much more. But if a good hypothetical dude opens his mouth, and the girl hears some muffled stutters rude nonsense from his mouth, looks did not help the dude get out of this unpleasant situation with dignity. Unlike us boys, the ladies one good looking enough to meet. Some girls won’t even sleep with a guy (for friendship) is of the advantages just a pretty face. Stupid that they said some kind of heresy cute little guy that annoys any girl, and beats her every desire for his vain attempts, causing something of interactie. The fact that every friend in life was experience with pretty but absolutely stupid and says some nonsense guy. Most girls perceive guys like to put it mildly, Holy fools, sleep with some the same as throwing a coin to a beggar.

The main thing, man, not to look like a monster and try. Well-groomed, well-dressed in clean, tasteful clothing, smart and polite people are much more likely to successfully meet women. And to make a first good impression that is much more important. For some reason I just remember a friend of my sister, who got just an incredible girl, while being on the face of the frankly terrible person. But he is polite, smart (does Wushu), well-dressed, and most importantly, he has a great sense of humor. By the way, the other dudes with charisma and sense of humor girls just adore and pine for him for a long time.

Let’s be realistic, friend

Americans have a traditional system to rate girls and guys on a scale from 1 to 10. Maybe it’s soulless and too cynical, but this system I always liked. Some truck masters took this classification for yourself. 1 — Frank the monster like a strange person who constantly looks at you unkind look in the subway, up to 10 — handsome-actor (e.g., Downey Jr., which the girls just love). If you rate yourself a 1 out of 10 know you 10 no chance, probably ever, because it is so low to evaluate themselves is the right way to stay a virgin for life. Quickly read our tips and get up in their eyes. Any chance of popping the guys from category 3-4, they may want to get girls that pull at 5-6. Five can try to win 6-7 six — 7-8. Sevens, accordingly, 8-9. But this does not mean that 6 can’t get 10, may, man, only here the strong difference in quality makes one think, not of the friend zone is? Not if she’s using you? However, maybe you can make her something seized?

No need to worry, friend, you need to raise the quality, which is very important. Go to the gym, start reading books, education loans, and you will have both happiness and high-level girls. And don’t say anything like «If she didn’t look at me, so she’s not the same and generally, most likely a prostitute!», it is not the words worthy bro.

Looks competitive

Being physically attractive is an advantage. To be secured is an advantage. To have your business 0151 advantage of it. To have a sense of humor is an advantage. Know 5 languages is an advantage. But none of these examples is not an absolute guarantee to get the pack of women who will effectively fight in the mud for your attention. It’s just the advantages that will help (or Vice versa) in the competition for mates.

Suppose that 5 months ago I weighed 15 kilos more (say!!!), suppose I made a tremendous effort and was able to lose 15 pounds and build a beautiful body. Now I can go to the club, and the chance to get the phone number of a friend I have become much more. In addition, the chances of getting a girl with a higher level have also increased, and the chance to get a top ten no longer seem so unreal!

But let’s say that I have not lost, I have the same belly, no muscles, I didn’t eat one kuruldugu or drink a protein shake after rocking to gain muscle mass. So. I still have a chance. But there’s extremely small and I can get 3, 4, 5, and, if very lucky, 6. To get higher I would be much more difficult.

But if I was considerably richer and charismatic, my chances would improve. But, friend, don’t think you can use this as an excuse to do nothing: work on yourself, and you will have more chances. I agree that a charismatic, well-groomed, intelligent, relatively successful guy with a sense of humor chances much more than just beautiful.

So stop questioning them to justify their appearance — work on it.

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