Do I have the moral right to commit adultery?


Do I have a moral right to cheat on your wife after 5 years of lack of regular sex? Attempts to identify the reasons did not succeed, and have a heart tried is a dead end.

Suffered, as could, and now can not — health problems against this background went (Masturbation doesn’t help), and somehow, the emotions demanding release.

Otherwise, it is a normal relationship.


There is such a thing. There are women who in General have sex once a month, some once a year… probably there are also such, although it is doubtful. If your wife is not like that, then we can work this out (before you have had sex more often, right? so all is not lost).

Since you didn’t specify how you do not have regular sex, we’ll have to poke a finger in the air to answer you.

Based on your question, the following situation emerges: all is well with wife but sex. It is not enough for you, a little more often.

A person who likes to do something that feels fun, is unlikely to do this once a year, if you have the opportunity to do it at least every day. The conclusion is that your wife is not so mood-elevating sex, as it should be.

If you thought that I’ll tell you: «wow dude how you do? Of course, go fuck with someone on the side», you’re wrong. Of course, we sympathize with you, but advise you to change don’t dare. It’s too responsibly. Besides, if we are talking about moral, it may be that having satisfied himself on the side physically, you can begin mental anguish due to the fact that change. A conscience can sometimes torment so much that it is better not to have sex once again, than to blame themselves. But, if you are a man of conscience, and the impression that it is true, as I think about cheating for a long time, but not resolved, so decent!

Sex is a necessary thing pleasant, try to prove that to your wife. Ask in the end, if she loves you, then why not? Just ask what you’re doing wrong? Ask her what she wanted. Tell me you suffer from the fact that you do not have a healthy sex life.

Sometimes women are afraid to hurt us and to hurt, to tell us that we are bad lovers, thinking that we will immediately run to prove themselves on the side of what we are actually fighters. Perhaps your wife would rather reject you than to say that you can’t satisfy. So renew their attempts to find out why she doesn’t want sex, and don’t drag this out for another few years.

Go left and it’s not tricky, you’ll get the pleasure that expected, is not known. And since there is nothing secret that is revealed, as a consequence your family life because of your infidelity can be destroyed. But maybe not.

In General, if the wife you love, you have feelings for her and you don’t want to lose her — establish your sex life with it. Give in the end a romantic dinner and talk about it. Tell me that you’ll either figure it out now, or… (more invented himself).

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