Dive into the Kermadec trench


Hard to believe that Terra Incognita exists anywhere on Earth, when you have the aqualungs and no one believes in the authenticity of ancient maps which depict the territory of dragons and other wonders.

Scientists plan to explore one of the coldest and the deepest ocean trenches of the Earth. They began on Saturday (April 12) and moving down the Kermadec trench, the depth of which is 10 047 meters. It is located in the Pacific ocean off the coast of New Zealand. The Antarctic currents have made this one of the coldest on earth. For diving use deep-diving vehicle Nereus. The expedition aims to study creatures living under the water in these conditions. The last dip brought tangible results, but scientists do not want to stop there. Previously it was assumed that the chute is uninhabited, but it was far from it. Now researchers are at a depth of about 7000 meters and have already made some photos of living water creatures. Expected new discoveries!


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