Disservice to yourself

vedmezha posluga

Sometimes descends on us a kind of insight when we least expect it. For example, we decide to change in your life in one thing, and that something gives us a whole load of everything we still were doing wrong. Just pull the thread and you will understand that it is tied to something that is hidden from you in the darkness of the unknown. Pull the thread stronger — and from the darkness you will make the move a real elephant, embodying all of what you’re doing wrong and what you and, moreover, must change. Not that you owe me: soon myself, so one day I came to realize too late.

1. To drink on speed

There was a time when there was such fun to compete to see who will drink beer or even a few mugs. It’s a talent, just a little bit of this from nature — most of the dudes developing it into a whole life. Why? Why is thoughtlessly to pour a drink without tasting? Why get drunk in front of everyone in a matter of minutes? Why to drink and not to get pleasure from the process? No, friend, these fun leave some idiots, and don’t be an idiot. Not Imperial this business.

2. Sleep on Saturdays until the hour of the day

It’s not only in performance, although it, too. Each day you need to take the maximum. Saturday is a great day. You anyway have to go, have someone to meet, have something to do. Your girlfriend annoys you in the morning on the weekends, because that gets on a run? In its place has to be you, dude!

During the working week we’re all terribly busy, so a weekend is invaluable for us. To tell you about a unwritten rule that Saturday is the day for chores, Sunday is the day to relax. Seriously, why would you waste your time?

3. No sport

Always wanted to get in shape? This item hangs long you have to stay there and not go? In every man’s life there comes a time when it is not something that is not ashamed to care about their appearance is a task and it becomes priority! This time comes… right now. Want to become a relief or lose weight? Think about how you’ll be happy when someone will notice it and will make you a compliment. At least for this reason, the sport is worth your efforts. Of course, if you don’t watch yourself, you can eat and drink anything in any quantity at any time of the day or night, but in this feature there is another, very oily side.

4. To rely on parents

One of the most obvious and serious challenges that no doubt was found in your way is money. When you’re over 20 but not yet 30, you have a very awkward financial position: you’re kind and independent, but at the same time a lot of things can not afford it. Hard. Depending on how the guys solve this problem, they are divided into two categories.

The first type controls their finances, live within our means and plan expenses, to save enough for the future. The second is wasting the cache, and then calling mom and dad to be sponsored. Unfortunately, the second option is shes hits the self esteem or the opinion of your parents about their notorious son. Let’s be serious here.

5. Posters in the bedroom

When they cover all the walls in your bedroom, this is unacceptable. Nostalgia is a poor excuse for the excessive love of masterpieces wall art. If you do not want your guests have the impression that you are still 17, you can shoot the wall all this garbage. Or at least put it in a frame, for God’s sake.

6. Not to go to the dentist

Dental floss is your best friend, dude. I say this in all seriousness, after returning from a checkup when the dentist found my teeth two holes, although no I do not feel pain. So use dental floss, otherwise all the shit that you do not clean out, will spoil your teeth, which, unfortunately, only in the body do not regenerate. Bad teeth are bad news. I am sincerely sorry for guys who are in twenties have inserted my teeth. So go to the dentist often, and brush your teeth all the rules. Then going down to glance at the lose teeth and complaining about it friends. Themselves to blame.

7. Eating fast food

To prepare a full and delicious meal is not an easy task. At least so it seems. Used to be much easier: put it in the microwave, warmed up, and no headache. Any self-sufficient man requires a variety of delicious and healthy food, especially if he has a girlfriend, which this food can be hit, should be able to cook.

8. Wearing sneakers with anything

Generally, running shoes is power. The only problem is that they cannot be combined with anything. I myself do so (perhaps because of not wearing pants), but doing so is impossible. Time has passed, when on any occasion you have had the same sneakers. Now have to have your own style and look respectable. If you cook as an adult, and dress like an adult can, it’s not so difficult.

9. Leave the work for later

The era of your life when you think: «there are No forces and desires, will do tomorrow,» has already passed. Why? Because time is short, every day you face new and more complex and urgent cases that won’t leave you with time for different experiments with an unfinished task from yesterday. Do immediately on the conscience, then to not return and not worry that someone you tyknet nose in your mistake.

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