Dismantle the old myth: exercise on an empty stomach

manygoodtips.com_26.03.2014_Iehp0Ah20xQZoThis dispute lasted a huge amount of time when the phenomenon of fitness has turned into a brand-new kind of subculture. Was the topic with ideal number of workouts per week, with a consumption of a certain number of calories or the intake of large amounts of quality calories», the theme of the dangers of running and the need for two workouts a day. But one of the major topics of fierce dispute — workout on an empty stomach. Someone categorically against, who is for and who only cardio on an empty stomach. Today we will try to understand this topic.

First, it is worth noting that different people like different things for exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Someone really can not eat after six, someone with only one leg day a week, someone had a lot of days for the week, someone’s biceps and shoulders grow after a month or two of training, and someone they begin to stand out only after six months of diligent training quality. It’s not Korean random, all of this affects a huge number of factors such as physique, athletic experience, age, metabolic rate and other things. Also eating and not eating certain pieces after a workout and it just depends on which way you chose for exercise.

Remember this theme of smaller meals? Contrary to popular belief, studies show that eating small meals throughout the day does not affect metabolism. I personally have never dabbled in fractional power and managed to achieve results. Skipping meals will not make you fat, and exercise on an empty stomach does not invalidate the entire exercise. In fact, skipping meals or even the Holy of holies — Breakfast can be quite profitable.

Recent studies unexpectedly show that an empty stomach causes a cascade of hormonal changes in the body, which improve muscle building and fat burning. However, this is not recent studies, but relatively old, but they somehow forgot using outdated methods.

Advantages of training on an empty stomach and fasting in General

1. Improving insulin sensitivity

The body produces insulin when we eat to help us absorb nutrients from food. Hormone takes sugar in our blood and sends it to the liver, muscle, fat cells, to be used as energy in the future. The trouble is that when we eat too much and too often, it makes us more resistant to insulin, it adds to the risk of heart disease, cancer and difficulty losing fat. There is rarely one way to help fix this problem, because it leads to improved insulin sensitivity, blood flow in the muscles and even inhibits the effect of unhealthy diet.

2. Growth hormone

Growth hormone — the thing is almost legendary. It promotes muscle growth, decrease body fat, increase bone tissue. Along with regular strength training and sufficient sleep, food deprivation, training on an empty stomach and no Breakfast is one of the best ways to increase growth hormone in the body. One study showed that 24 hours without food increases the production of the hormone in the male body by 2,000 percent (!!!) and 1,300 percent in women. That’s a good reason to regularly restrict your food, refuse from the Breakfast, to starve and not eat after six or four. This supports the amount of growth hormone at the highest level.

3. Testosterone

We can’t talk about muscle hormones, not saying anything about the testosterone. Testosterone helps increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. At the same time it helps to increase energy levels, libido, and even fight depression and heart problems in men and women. So people who started to practice looking at life more positively. Training on an empty stomach, by themselves, cannot in any way affect the production of testosterone, but there is a surprisingly simple way to get more testosterone and growth hormone, creating an optimal environment for building muscle and burning fat.

Exercise, especially intense strength exercises that affect many muscles (e.g. deadlifts and squats ). This causes a large surge of testosterone and that is why you can combine weights and workout on an empty stomach.

Exercise on an empty stomach is particularly effective for burning fat. Moreover, the same researchers notice that the fat has continued to be delayed, but in minimal stocks. During this workout you use your fat reserves of energy. In addition, increases stamina of the heart muscle.

It would be unfair if I said that some exercise on an empty stomach not so good at execution as on a full. However, if it is good to eat before exercise, you can suffer from a full stomach.

How intensively to train on an empty stomach?? You crazy??

Usually those who disagree with our articles you write comments like this, but we will not reply in a similar. We are going to cheat.

1. Not only water

You can drink coffee, tea, a variety of isotonic drinks (I don’t respect) to fill the stomach. And you can chew gum.

2. Interrupt your content

Don’t go training on an empty stomach. Sometimes you can afford to eat, if you really want or exercise will be tedious. If you workout in the morning and eat during the day you have obtained with difficulty and only in the evening, do not starve, otherwise you will lose muscle mass.

3. No difference how big are your portions

Remember that what matters is the number of calories consumed. At night, of course, it is better not to eat to sleep not to drive, but in the middle of the day, you can afford almost anything and in almost any quantity.

People are slaves of their habits. Remember a large number of angry comments on the article » harmful to the eating habits of Russians, and I understand that I have not lied. But we stubbornly cling to our habits and try to explain their attachment to a particular topic, covering laziness to change something. But if you want results, you need to sweat!

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