Discovered the exact place of Caesar’s murder

On the campus Martius of Rome, archaeologists have unearthed the exact location of the murder of the great Caesar. During excavations on the site of the first stone theater of Pompey , scientists have found a cement slab, which obviously does not apply to the internal structures of the building and represents an original monument to one of the greatest men of antiquity.

It is known that the pedestal is three meters wide and two meters in height was installed on the site of the murder of Caesar during the reign of the first Emperor August, his nephew. The location of the plate supports the theory of historians that Caesar was the Chairman at the meeting of the Senate and was killed due to him on the status.

On the body of a Roman dictator was discovered 23 stab knife wounds. To date, it is unknown whether he died Caesar from a deadly blow on discovered by archaeologists place or from blood loss in a different environment.

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