Discipline and success

Discipline and success

Work.com.ua_27.04.2016_DpcE2mzQbQrUZIf you’re a mystic for life, sorry to disappoint you, but not Gandalf, who will save your position in the most unpleasant moment. Everywhere have to rely on themselves and not on the wonders of ingenuity, luck, friends or what have you still have a soul? And the first quality that will help you to reach any heights – discipline. Yes, it is a discipline that allows you to say «no» to short term pleasures for long term goals.

But in order to develop discipline, you need the presence of important human qualities, which are achieved by the forces blissful daily habits. They will help you to get rid of fear, internal conflicts, conflicts among the entourage. Only disciplined people can go forward only discipline will help to change itself from within, opening new ways for development. But what habits we should develop?

1. Training

First of all you should become a person who seeks knowledge. Especially to people who are convinced that after graduation they have found out. Three hours a day to spend on training: reading of relevant books, reading scientific papers, consultation with experts, view presentations. If you fell asleep in my bed, not having learned anything new that day lived in vain.

2. Setting goals

Get a diary, we often try to persuade you to do it. Every day put yourself goals: for a week, a month, for decades. This process should become your life. Smaller goals that are easier to perform, needs to serve a higher will, to feed him. Ultimately, life is the pursuit of satisfaction of this desire. What will it be – depends on what kind of person you are.

3. Planning

manygoodtips.com_27.04.2016_J0mcYJ2ZAcjEcCan you imagine an infinite number of goals, but to achieve them you need a plan. Ten years of Delhi in years, months, weeks and days. Every great business Delhi into smaller, deliberate steps and sequence. The only way to find a way to achieve the desired results. Take on more than you want, and plan, plan, plan.

4. Link

Effective business practices, creativity, effective work is always connected with the communication means. You don’t have to wait for manna from heaven that opens before you all doors. You’ve got to open these doors. Get their tentacles to people through phone calls, email, and social networking. Today, it is important for any activity, especially if your work has a touch of publicity. Use the «rule of ten»: if you want to achieve success in the work you do every day 10 calls and send 10 messages. Try to reach their clients in all professional capacities. Come out in public and not be afraid of that. Actively use social networks.

5. Logging

Again about the diary, but it’s important, dammit! It helps to structure the serious questions that relate to your work, personal relationships and of all life. In addition, thanks to the diary you can keep track of your successes and failures that will help you not to repeat the tragic mistakes and to enjoy the fruits of good decisions. Write every day at least 3-4 pages, write about what most concerned at the moment about your life and what you do in order to improve it.

6. Workout

By.yak.ua_27.04.2016_NLl0ogpjJYna8If you want to get into the Premier League, then your body must conform to the highest standards. Why? It’s simple: our lives depend on physical health, because it is important. If you can’t control your body, so you can not control your business. So seriously think about a training program that will strengthen your muscles, make it more resilient and improve in all conceivable biological sense. And don’t wait, as we age so fast, the years rushing by like bullets, and the less follow the body, the more often he generates errors in the system.

7. Leisure

You can always fade within a couple years of activity. And this is dangerous, because to stand up would be difficult. So learn to relax. If you can not, you are wasting power, lose concentration, lose grip. To be able to relax is a divine art, the essence of which is understood by all. And how to do it – is not always clear. For someone best way to relax is a few hours in front of the screen, riot ten nights binge. Some need a nuclear discharge, and the other calm and sleep.

8. Learn the craft

Keep moving, never stay still. If you’re busy in the tourism sector and consider themselves best travel agent in the city, it does not mean that you have known everything there was to know. Every day, waste time on deep analysis of emerging trends, read the hottest news of their profession. The skills you need to cultivate if you want to be the best. Few would advise that the hell, but you have to forget about time, food, soul, pain, sex, when modernisierung your skills.

9. Be honest with yourself.

You’re not a deity, not the navel of the earth, you’re just one of billions. And even if you play solo in a rock band, do not forget about the Manager, the engineer and bass guitarist. You need them, or even your solo, written in blood, will sound silly, idiotically and sad.

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