Disappeared planes

The recent history of flying from Malaysia Boeing shocked everyone’s imagination. As the plane iron mass, which on Board were 227 passengers could disappear without a trace? Until recently, search teams could find no trace of the crash, no bodies, no black boxes — the fate of the aircraft was a real mystery. Recently, it was found that the missing Boeing 777 crashed in the South Indian ocean. However, the aircraft disappeared to him, he’s not the first and certainly not the last.

1. The Boeing 727 is stolen from an airport in Luanda, Angola


May 25, 2003 from the airport Quatro de fevereiro was stolen Boeing 727-223. He belonged to American airlines Aerospace Sales & Leasing and at the time of disappearance was leased to the Angolan airlines. The plane was faulty, and its fix was supposed to work two people — Ben Charles Padilla, a certified flight engineer and aircraft mechanic license private pilot, and his assistant John Mikel Mutant. None of them could steal the plane: the attendant could not lift it to the sky, and law-abiding Padilla was only licensed private pilot. After they boarded the plane, he began to move erratically along the runway. The crew has contacted dispatchers and took off, not including transponder. Since then, no aircraft, no people, nobody has seen.

Theoretically at the helm could be a Padilla. It is believed that Angola did not pay the contributions on the lease and he was hired to return the aircraft to the United States. Another opinion says that both the people had been detained on Board against his will.

2. At the beginning of the Vietnam war with the U.S. military plane disappears in the sky over the Pacific ocean

March 6, 1962, from California to Vietnam, was sent to flight 739, U.S. air force, on Board of which there were 96 passengers and 11 crew members. North to refuel in GUAM, the plane went to the military base on Fillippino, but never reached her. He disappeared somewhere in the Western Pacific ocean. Failed to find any traces of the crash, no bodies. After communication with the aircraft was lost from the tanker which was nearby, reported that in the sky there was an explosion.

Sabotage? The problem? The problem with the engine? Nobody knows.

3. Popular musician disappeared in a plane over the English channel


15 Dec 1944 Glenn Miller, head of one of the best swingby bands of all time, villages in England the plane that was to take him to Paris. This did not happen.

American musician went to war in 1942, at the peak of his popularity. At the age of 38 he was later becomes a soldier, but under his leadership, played a military orchestra.

The official version of his death is as follows. The plane flew over the English channel in bad weather and crashed. However, this is not the only thought. Someone said that the plane was shot down by enemy forces, and someone — Glenn Miller has arrived in Paris and was captured by a German detachment.

4. Amelia Earhart disappeared trying to fly around the globe


The first female pilot who crossed the aircraft of the Atlantic ocean. Disappeared while flying over the Pacific ocean, near the island of Howland.

Earhart was looking for, but found no trace. It is believed that she was unable to land on Howland island, and she ran out of fuel. There are more crazy theories: that she was a secret agent, fly on a mission in Japan, where it opened and put in jail. The most pleasant version: Earhart returned home, changed his name and began to live a quiet, normal life.

There are witnesses (I wonder how they could see this?), which assert that saw, how the plane landed on a desert island Nickumaroro. In 1989 he tested this version on the island found human bones, women’s cosmetics, shoes and cans of cream from freckles. Who to believe?

5. A squadron of five aircraft disappeared over the Bermuda triangle


5 Dec 1945 these aircraft have completed navigation training and disappeared while flying over the Bermuda triangle. Only squadron had 14 people.

Two hours after the start of the flight, the squadron commander reported that he broke the compass, and it cannot determine your location. With other planes the same thing happened. Two hours later started to act strange confusing reports. The latter was the call of the commander of the squadron to leave the aircraft because they have run out of fuel.

An hour later, the US Navy aircraft departed in search and rescue squadron, but the planes and people have disappeared. Nearby the tanker reported that 20 minutes before the departure of the searchers saw an explosion. Missing squadron searched hundreds of ships and planes, they swept thousands of miles, but nothing found.

6. Brazilian cargo plane transporting works of art worth $ 1 million


In 1979, the airplane of the Brazilian airline «Varig» disappeared after half an hour after taking off from Narita airport in Tokyo. On Board were 153 figure Brazilian-Japanese artist Manabu Mabe, estimated at 1.2 million dollars. The plane, pictures and six crew members disappeared without a trace. A robbery or a technical malfunction? Nobody knows.

7. The plane disappeared on the way from the Atoll in the Pacific ocean in Los Angeles

In 1964 the plane with nine passengers on Board has gone missing on the way to Wake island in Los Angeles. When he was 500 miles North-East of Los Angeles, the pilot reported problems with the engine. The search engines found on the water surface oil slick, and some even claimed to have seen the tail of the plane sinks into the ocean, but no trace of the aircraft and passengers was never found.

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