«Disadvantages» that will lead you to success

manygoodtips.com_18.03.2015_1MtFo5ar1YLQ2If you are often called selfish or strange eccentric type, and some of your decisions off of people, you inevitably begin to think: «what’s wrong with me?» Never mind, if your behavior remains within the law and you don’t smear the walls with their own shit to amuse his girlfriend. Many great men in history had a so-called «flaws» that actually led them to the top. You might find yourself.

1. Obsession

Obsession and preoccupation with things can be quite unpleasant aspect of your life if not controlled. It’s great when you love your girlfriend, your hobby, your job, but when you start to lose sleep and appetite, it urgently needs to reconsider their priorities. Let go of your obsession to a peaceful course, because it is a very powerful force. No one will ever achieve what he wants, if he doesn’t like if he doesn’t believe in it with all my heart and hurts my soul. In music, writing, hobby passion is what will lead you to success.

2. To rely on other people to achieve their goal

We often encourage you to be yourself, be the guy who stands confidently on his feet and confirmed his words with actions. Have your goals and your way is cool, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need the help of others to achieve goals. You can get to the top on their own, this no doubt, but what to do in the finals, when no one was around to congratulate you on the victory? Every great person, from Martin Luther king, Jr. to Richard Branson, took the necessary help from others. Help you – help you – it’s the circle of social nature. I don’t think loneliness is the lot of strong, this is (sorry for tautology) the fate of the lonely. It is not necessary to deliberately drive themselves into such a framework.

3. Stubbornness

Even if all you will be discouraged, twist at a temple a finger and laugh at their endeavours, it has value to you. When the first pancake will come out a huge circle, someone will say that warned. But it is also not important. In the process of making incandescent lamp, Thomas Edison said that «didn’t fail» and «just found 10,000 ways that won’t work». So go for it! Be the most stubborn ass in the world, keep trying and trying until, until you reach your goal. And if something went wrong, so just need to revise the approach.

4. Introvert

You can consider depressive, antisocial, boring or abstruse, while you’re only introvert in the world, sharpened by the wants and needs of extroverts. Well, now you know what you have in common with Abraham Lincoln, bill gates and albert Einstein and many famous scientists and politicians. Once again refusing to campaign in a noisy bar, feeling no guilt, go home and read their books. Just make sure you do not depression and you get plenty of fresh air. Introverts thrive in the living conditions of the extrovert more often because they have time to reflect and to recharge the internal battery in its own cozy world.

5. The rejection templates

Society pushes us to a particular, clearly programmed path. Elementary/middle/high school, University, part time job, work 40 hours a week, marriage, children, work 40+ years, the pension Board. What if it’s worse than death? Maybe you dream to go to Tibet and become a monk or to travel the world and a guitar over his shoulder and an empty wallet? Nike wives and children? Make your own path and not listen to anyone. There’s only one man who you must make happy is yourself.

6. Selfishness

The most valuable thing you have, it’s not an apartment, not a machine and not even the sixth iPhone. Time man… Time. So go ahead and be selfish! If someone does not deserve your time and energy, stop the flow of these valuable resources. No mercy!

7. Adoption is difficult and unpleasant for the other side solutions

This paragraph follows from the previous two. If you are standing on your chosen path and put their own interests first, you will inevitably disappoint someone from his inner circle. But the fact that consciously you don’t want to make people unhappy, you just hold the selected position not your fault that people can’t accept it, because you have something to do with it all perfectly.

8. Rose-colored glasses

Are you trying to see only the good side. You are accused of unjustified optimism, the urge to remove the rose-colored glasses and become serious. We’re not talking about that insanity, when you lose your job and waiting for employers will find you, because miracles do happen! Common sense and focus on the pros this is not mutually exclusive. Much better to think that you are skilled and well-educated man, so, if you make the effort, you will definitely find something suitable. Negative thoughts lead hand negative emotions. To take the position of the victim easier, but to make decisive action to continue to enjoy life – that’s what makes a strong spirit.

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