Dirty desire: dream about your girlfriend in bed

manygoodtips.com_29.08.2016_qKQ3WvUIAvICRWhen it comes to sex, every woman has some secrets that she refuses to give to the world. But she would be very happy to share them, and even better to realize.

To some, these secrets may seem too much wrong, but honestly, do you yourself did not think about this? No wonder that in an age when Vice was available and permissiveness, many think about group sex and role games. So don’t rush to condemn her friend, maybe things like this will only strengthen your relationship, and will deliver him from evil thoughts and desire to go to the left.

Call it whatever you want

Tell her that she is the most beautiful, intelligent and wonderful — a good way to conquer and enchant a maiden’s soul, but when the lights go out, many women prefer a more succinct and colorful language. This does not mean that every night it must be called a bitch, followed by beating with a spiked noghai, but for a variety of relationships a couple of nights a week, you can be rude animals.

So, girls like the dirty talk and rudeness, strange but true (well, not going to prevaricate, the male half enjoys it too). But only in the bed area, to drive it with whips to change the kitchen boner is already too much. Although, if you are so kind people, please.

Not only Bdsmm

That book «Fifty shades of grey» became a bestseller was quite understandable reasons. It is, of course, not in the literary language of essay: a terrible stereotypical schizophasia dreamer remained angry nonsense on the level of fanfiction. All subject matter, many women would not mind bdsm spice in the relationship. Actually the Marquis De Sade, whose composition resembled the thoughts of a Horny schoolboy, is also famous for not literary talent, and theme. Someone joins who wants strangling, Tuscany by the hair, slaps and especially hard pounding. In General, the message seemed to be — no need to be ashamed and to perceive it as something abnormal.

New role — new fun

manygoodtips.com_29.08.2016_niCvvD7NqyHUgWe all have different fantasies, some excite men in uniform and others too fond of, say, the pirate movies (and it happens). And sometimes, daring watched porn where the lady in the form of student performs unnecessary motion with the actor in the image of the teacher, and the head is born sinful desire to try.

Such role-playing variety to the relationship, and bring a freshness mediocre sex. At the same time to give vent to bubbling and eats from the inside out fantasies, and save configured on polygamy partners from walking «to the left».

«Threesome» is not only a male fantasy

Girls as well as men an interesting Threesome. In fact, women who wouldn’t mind a new passenger on the «hang glider of love», no less than men. There are cases when a lady wants a man against. Still, your dick is smaller, and you end up fast — why people fail.

Many are embarrassed to admit to their Boyfriends because they are afraid that we’ll call them prostitutes and start to think that we are simply not satisfied. In fact, everyone wants diversity and a revival of relations. I hasten to please, the girls don’t mind the third partner was the young lady, so do not have to offer a «Threesome» males. If the visit is so wet thoughts — ask. However, we do not guarantee that she will not be offended and think that you don’t love her anymore.

Spread your horizons can have sex not only in bed

The bed is undoubtedly an excellent springboard for carnal battles. But sooner or later, bed comfort is annoying, and genitals pulls in more exotic places. So remember, girls are not against sex in the most unusual places, at unexpected moments, whether it’s a shower, Bush, close closet in her parents ‘ house during your visit to him, or if you just want to prove you’re a man when she cooks. The unusual situation, unusual places and the fear of being seen only sharpens desire. Importantly, she was ready for it, and then listen to a portion of hysterical anger.

Oral sex like not only men

Zaradi.com.ua_29.08.2016_SdPmpg78l29EWThere are women who like to do Blowjob, but there are those who hate to thumb your jade scepter. Moreover, their position offends: «So I have, and he’s working language is optional?». Here, of course, possible to take the position of «Not a drop, not an inch where there and why I need you so», and you can reply with oral in return. But remember, not all girls like it when you do the cunnilingus. Just because not everyone is able to do, because talent is needed here, not everyone is destined to be a linguist.

So know that your girlfriend really wouldn’t mind if you tried. But if she likes something then it does not wriggle, will have to do. However, if you like (probably taste), or you freak out knowing that you upset her to the point of exhaustion in this way, the agony will not be in sight.

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