Dining workouts for the busy person


Let’s say that you’re really a busy man. You work almost round the clock, you barely have enough time to see the woman you love and eat food, and then you begin to understand that it’s time to exercise, to drop a few pounds and go to the gym. A way or another you need to watch out, dude, I’m not asking you to be the guy who pays your appearance as much attention as paying yourself obsessed with your appearance girl. Watch out for a need, because this act of love for his beloved. But I’m almost there, except for an hour during lunch break. Why not use this time, in fact, probably, that remains after eating food? Follow this little exercise, lasting 20 minutes each lunch break and you have time to eat, rest and train. Of course, it will not help you to pump up the body in cubes and veins, but to stay in shape and feel quite refreshed.

Cardio workouts for the busy person

Do you have suitable for long walking shoes? Wear it to work. I hope you don’t hurt cling to the appearance of the shoes, man? After work, come out early from public transport and leave for half an hour on the way home on foot. If you prefer to go home by car take a short walk in the area before you go home. Here is a good cardio, man, the first few times complete bullshit, and then suddenly retracted! In addition to these workouts always get up the stairs, ignoring the Elevator.

Hiking, walking for 30 minutes five days a week is the ideal cardio to burn off the extra fat in the body. In the future I recommend you to increase the difficulty of exercises and to walk home for 40 minutes and later hours.

Upper body

Since we are now dealing with cardio-loads, think about upper body. Appropriate clear floor space at the office, so it was relatively clean. Do as many as I can a good quality push-UPS. We also strongly advise you to do push-UPS in the evening right before trips to the bathroom. The first few times you’re probably going to forget to score on pushups, but if you set a reminder, you’re probably addicted. In addition to the usual push-UPS, I suggest you learn some more, to explore more fully other muscle groups. In this article you will find all types of push-UPS, it’s not all push-UPS, which were created by mankind, but still enough to good idea to pump yourself. Pushups is the alpha and omega for any workout. It is a universal activity, by which with proper skill you can stay in shape without the gym, although the latter is still not out.

When you’re just beginning to exercise during lunch breaks, I suggest you not alter. Actively start to do push-UPS three days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then, when your muscles get stronger, move on to pushups every day. For a start take child number of sets and reps: three sets of 10 repetitions. Further, the number of iterations will increase at least three a week. Or one every three days.

But push-UPS is not all exercises you should do. Try in addition to the standard push-UPS, push-UPS narrow grip, wide grip and a few push-UPS from this article. Some of them, of course, absolutely hardcore option, but you can do them.

The lower part of the body

Here we naturally pay attention to the squats. I suggest you rotate different types every day. One day — deep proper squats to keep your thighs are parallel to the floor. Another day — squat on tiptoe. On the third day and speed squats for a while. You can even someone to ask to time. The next day, for example, you can try squats with feet arranged at an angle to each other.

Following a good exercise for lower body — lunges. Do 10 repetitions on each leg. Finish your workout of the lower body can rise on my toes to strengthen and remove tension from the calf muscles.

Do NOT forget about warm-up, move your head, roll your hands / body (although it looks funny), tug and knead his stiff limbs. Just like you can train a very busy man. If you have a small lunch break, the same can be done at home before bedtime.

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