Digital dignity

manygoodtips.com_19.05.2014_UClwMN6E1MxPPBefore you spend time on social interaction with the help of high technology, it is necessary to familiarize with rules of behavior in the digital space. First and foremost, they need you, not the people you may hurt or offend. More dangerous than to think that you only think you know women.

In terms of evidence of the real world much easier. It’s your actions leave only memories, impressions and stories that people tell each other. Digital space documenting your every action. A picture of you naked may suddenly arise in the personnel Department when you apply for a job. Ugly message to the wife can be involved in your divorce proceedings. You can catch literally everything!

Therefore, we should all learn how to write text messages and to censor the photos. Before the era of high technologies it was not possible to Troll, there was no concept of deanonimizatsiya, and was generally less trouble. In order not to hurt yourself, skip outgoing from you in the digital space of information using multiple filters.

1. What would your mom say?

The older we get, the less bad news about themselves brought to the knowledge of their parents. In the Golden days of our childhood we can misbehave so that it doesn’t leave any evidence.

What was our filter? What would mom (wife, girlfriend, daughter, son, boss, tax)? What if personal correspondence (SMS, tweet, photo) will discover people which they were not intended?

Don’t care about your security settings — usually people detect inappropriate cases in the most unexpected and ridiculous way. They will not save you. How to react to people who are your moral authority? Your mother would be embarrassed for you, seeing what wasn’t supposed to see? What if your daughter finds out how you treat women? Your wife does not want to break up with you? Think before you post.

2. The effect of the rejected women

Suck it up and accept that nothing lasts forever. No one is saying that all the necessary spoils, — soon, all evolyutsioniruet. Friendship turns into relationship, children grow up, the employee receives a promotion. Some relationships end in a breakup, some friends become enemies.

How much that hurts you the information in the hands of the once close to you? I remember homemade porn with your ex? Remember emails to a friend in which you describe your experiences? To be dishonored is worse than dead. If you think nobody uses the incriminating evidence against you, you’re wrong.

This is not advice never to let people in. Unless you plan to write memoirs, you better do it in person or on the phone — then you will not leave evidence.

3. Skeletons in your closet don’t have to learn how to dance

Think of movie villains who keep a diary or double-entry bookkeeping. You always thought that they were not written to document their antics — then they would not get caught.

And now think about everything that is stored on your computer, smartphone and in the cloud. What happens if this information gets into the wrong hands?

4. Trolling

Guided by impunity in the Internet, people often open others to the dark side. Racist comments, machismo, ignorance, hatred — all this, in turn, causes a negative reaction, SOMETIMES, KEPS LOCKE.

You think anyone who writes these things, is a matter to you and to your view? You think it will open their eyes? If they do not understand the topic before you write nonsense, think you could help them? Replying, you continued life discussions, and making a contribution.

Explains the comment in principle acceptable, however, to get involved in the debate — a false way. Your penny will not fix the situation.

5. Who cares?

The majority of commentators on the Network — these are people who seek the attention of strangers that have never seen. They are looking for sympathy, justify their own actions and thoughts. They don’t listen to each other. You would pay attention to them in the real world? You may quickly averted his eyes from them in the subway, if they came to you, I would tell her to grow up.

The digital era gave us the illusion of anonymity. We risk that would never be risked in real life. Today’s virtual landscape of threat, so you can’t afford a single second to stop being a gentleman. If you are a gentleman in the real world, in the virtual world, you change yourself.

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