Diet grandfather

diet grandfather

Now all the men’s magazines full of advice on how to lose weight and be in shape. Usually the path to success is built through protein shakes, smaller meals, reducing carbs and trendy fat burning fitness program designed for a month.

All of this can be in the form, but it confuses me slightly. I have little confidence in such a scheme of training, as were many modern things. My grandfather never suffered from excess weight, but not drinking protein shakes. So I think, why once again to stick to your body synthetic powder. Well if we became more athletic of our ancestors. But not the case. Paradoxically, in direct proportion to the amount of information about healthy lifestyle growing up and our bellies. Instead help us become healthy, the cacophony of the latest research and dietary recommendations distracts men from understanding that health and male physiology is a simple task. Your grandfather never spent the time to calculate how much protein he will eat chicken Breasts, and worked on finding new exercises for abs. He was very busy with work, family and life in General. His body was formed naturally.

My grandfather, as I said, never suffered from excess weight and still very strong. What is the secret of longevity and health of our grandfathers? To be honest, if your goal is to be ripped and lean, it is necessary to follow the training plan, but if you just want to lose weight and look presentable, diet grandfather you should be fine.

Don’t eat anything that is sold in boxes, tubes and bags

Your grandfather wouldn’t call it food. He wouldn’t have to buy it. No food in packages: there are a lot of preservatives and other crap that helps these foods be stored on the shelves for years. These supplements not only harmful to you, they are still not satisfy hunger after eating them you don’t feel satiated, and continue to eat until your stomach is filled.

Instead, eat fresh and whole foods. Your grandfather probably ate eggs, sausage, oatmeal and fruit, sandwiches and burgers. He drank whole milk, butter on bread, not spread, ate potatoes, not French fries and doused it is a universal sauce. Grandfather was at the market buying food and eating vegetables. He just liked the fact that he’s eating what he grew. Our grandparents knew how food was given, and were grateful for it. Eat like your grandfather, no fast food. Know where your food comes from.

More protein and fats

Grandpa was eating protein with every meal: scrambled eggs in the morning, chicken or beef Stroganoff for lunch, stews for dinner. Recent studies have disproved the theory that saturated fats are bad. That carbohydrates, in truth, not very useful. Eat fats and proteins, to testosterone levels were high. Now I understand why grandpa is so famously chopped wood! Protein helps to build muscle and stay full longer.

Stop eating on the go and sit at the table

This is a simple and natural formula maintain a healthy weight: eat when hungry, not eat when hungry. Unfortunately, we are constantly in a hurry and distracted, so it is very difficult to recognise the signals of satiety and hunger. Today we are always eating on the go, barely feeling the taste of the food, when push herself another Burger. Your grandfather ate regularly and quietly. He sat down at the table, put the food on a plate and eaten with a fork surrounded by family and friends. He ate slowly and do not forget to communicate. At dinner he never turned on the TV. And he did not check whether it was not a new message, and not texting. Your grandfather just enjoyed the food. He felt, when he had enough, and stopped there. Do the same as he did: give yourself time to enjoy the food and company.

Control portion sizes

Our grandparents never compiled a list of prohibited products didn’t weigh my food, calculate how many are carbohydrates, fats and proteins for each meal. Grandfather ate what he wanted, what he demanded of his body. Why is he not belly? Very simple: he ate normal portions. Today it is not so easy. Restaurants and cafes have increased the size of the portions so that the grandfather they already seemed big.

Do not need to completely eliminate from my diet. Just eat moderately. Moderation is not a salad-sized plate and not the Burger, which doesn’t open his mouth. Grandfather for Breakfast, lunch and supper, but his portion was the size of a trash can. When dine at home, help yourself serving medium size and don’t hurry for more. When you go to cafe, eat half and ask me to wrap the food with them. It is very difficult to resist the temptation to clean your plate. It is better to ask someone you have lunch, order a dish for two.

And, of course, your grandfather moved a lot, and this allowed him to stay in shape.

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