Died Creator of the first laptop

Bro, the laptop is convenient, much easier than dragging a system unit, monitor, speakers. You know who you owe this comfort? British industrial designer William Mogridge, who recently, on 8th of September of this year died of cancer at a hospice in San Francisco at the age of 69 years.

The inventor of the laptop began its development in Silicon valley in 1979, when the company GRiD Systems hired him to create a computer that can fit in a briefcase. The first laptop of Mogridge familiar to us design was challenging with the screen on top and keyboard below. The RAM was on the bubble with a volume of 340 KB the Intel 8086 processor with a clock frequency of 8 MHz, a fluorescent screen sizes 12h15 inches. Innovative computer called Compass, and it went on sale for about $8000. Despite the high price Compass was popular. Modern laptops are much thinner, lighter than their forerunners, but still continue to rely on the configuration developed by this wonderful Bro.

Mogridge also wrote the book: «interaction Design» (2006) and «Designing media» (2010).

Brilliant developer became Director of the design Museum Cooper-Hewitt in new York in 2010 and the initiator of its rapid expansion. At the moment the Museum is under renovation, its opening is planned for 2014, so after the Olympics, man, you can make it to the opening.

Also the dude taught at the University and has received many prestigious awards in the field of science and technology, such as Prince Philip Designers Prize.

Mogridge believed that the planets and the monoblocks is just a passing fancy industry, but the laptop will always exist and to walk with new technologies and devices such as the iPad.

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