Died artist Hans Rudolf Giger

manygoodtips.com_14.05.2014_0N5LJZlymkmQIHe was 74 years old. A painter fell off a ladder and the resulting injuries died.

Giger became world famous back in 1977 thanks to its pattern to the fictional Lovecraft book «Necronomicon». Illustration saw Director Ridley Scott, and produced by him these paintings, the impression was so great that he invited the artist collaboration. Hans Rudolf Giger worked as an artist in the film Scott’s «Alien» — it was he who invented the image of the terrible alien monster. For the work done on the film in 1980 he received the «Oscar» in the category «Best visual effects». The artist also worked on the films «dune» and «Prometheus», prequel to «Alien». Looking at his work, even the most inexperienced in painting, the viewer learns the master’s hand.

The work of Giger has left a huge imprint on the design of computer games — it’s hard to imagine they were in a hypothetical world without the artist. The great and mysterious Swiss worked in the genre of fantastic realism. The last years of his life he spent in the small town of gruyère in its homeland. There is a Museum.

The artist’s talent was immeasurably great.








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