Diagnose «Venus», not leaving the room

Diagnose «Venus», not leaving the room

Work.com.ua_7.11.2016_U8fAVSYtZqSwxWhile the entire country is pleased with the news about the high incidence of HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases, were forgotten. Especially the legendary sexually transmitted diseases — bouquets of love and vivid memories of fleeting impulses, respond battered liver and a long course of treatment.

«Venus» — the eternal companion of man, he destroyed a lot of the minds of the emperors, the poor and nobles. As the poet said: «There are things in the world nicer than syphilis and gonorrhea», but these kind of disease if they do not pay attention, can make you impotent. Knowing what to have sex without a condom you’re not going, we decided to remind you how to recognize infection, and what makes it so scary. Some are proud of their illnesses, but funny they just do not. As the saying goes, laugh laugh, vagina up fur.


The most important thing: feeling the burning sensation and seeing strange footprints on the shorts, have nothing to do with pollution — just go get tested. Don’t self-medicate and drink pills prescribed experienced friend. It is likely to be flabby impotent and totally ruin the liver.

As prevention is highly recommend to wash his instrument of love «Miramistin» or «Chlorhexidine» after each act. It would be nice to use condoms and generally avoid dubious women, but in life there are things when you have to act quickly, and pharmacies near there.

Romeo was Juliet

I had trichomoniasis.

What else you gave me?

Candidiasis and chlamydia.

– — _ _ –


Symptoms: the First and most important feature of this vile disease is an unpleasant smell. Remember, normal, clean and sleek patron will not smell the trash a week in the summer heat. So if the intoxicating smell of temptation the place of the partner you’re bleeding from the groin back to the head rushes, then either it is not clean (which in itself sucks), or she’s sick.

The usual symptoms appear 1-4 weeks after infection: zasudit and blush the urethra, and then, if nothing is done, the inflammation will increase, will appear glassy highlight at the end. Itching becomes a heat and then a terrible horror, described below.What is dangerous: We have not said in vain that insidious disease. Chlamydia can occur without symptoms or with minimal symptoms. But that doesn’t make it healthy. Especially because untreated the disease can become chronic and lead to complications, and this blindness, and problems with abnormalities in the unborn child, and the unpleasant symptoms in women whose cunning organisms chlamydia arrange more pressure than men. Our bodies are inflammation of the epididymis, prostate, bladder, violation of potency and infertility.

Treated the disease once or twice, so you should see a doctor.


manygoodtips.com_7.11.2016_3GlQ7sTY04qsFSymptoms: Another villain who may be asymptomatic. Is trichomoniasis belong to the laurels of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. To treat this «king of patuca» simple, but it is important to do it in time. The classic symptoms are: burning when urinating, irritation of the glans penis, mucous-purulent discharge from the urethra. In most cases, at Warhol’s from the end pours as red as the red flag, the blood.

What is dangerous: As with any sexually transmitted diseases, time has not cured the trichomoniasis leads to terrible consequences: inflammation of the prostate and testicles and infertility. There are times when the trichomoniasis is, in itself, but the risk and hope for a miracle still not worth it.

Genital herpes

Symptoms: how disgusting that your genital herpes. Once caught — all my life are, because he is not treated.

Many have the disease are asymptomatic (atypical herpes) and they are so till death and do not know that carrying such a terrible virus. It simply jumps to the head of the penis and foreskin. It is clear that the removal of the flesh of the disease is not to win, the virus is forever in your blood. Sometimes fever, enlarged lymph nodes and sore muscles.

What is dangerous: the Disease is not so harmless as it may seem. The herpes virus injects its code into the DNA of affected tissues and becomes your relative. But don’t worry, the infected with the herpes virus 90% of the planet’s inhabitants.

Cold on the lips is not very different from genital herpes. Jump only they are in different places, namely the places of penetration. Someone got lucky with the lips, and someone not very. Mind you,

you can become infected not only picking a member of the herpes mouth your obladatelnitsy, but pidmyvayuchy your product is soap, which left a nasty virus.

Herpes is not forever. It will run only during periods of stress, beriberi and other weakening of the body, so that the time to smear the affected area and lead a healthy lifestyle. Be careful, because in herpesviral much higher chance of Contracting AIDS.

Now you are treated and tons of swallow trihopol,

In all that happened, blaming only the female gender,

And you don’t smoke, don’t drink, and suck lollipops

After all, if you drink a little bit, then your end will give tips.

– A Group Of «Bachelor» –


Symptoms: the most Holy lady gonorrhea is the cause of many contaminated underwear. This ancient disease is popularly called «hussar runny nose» and «French fever», but better known by her second name — the clap. It is believed that to recover from them, and not just once, every human should — no wonder the disease hussar name. Those who lead a serene sex life, with her «you».

It is unlikely you will be able to ignore the manure frightening yellow-green color and an equally unpleasant smell, soczewica of the member. But the first sign is a traditional pain and burning in the urethra. To the toilet then you have more often and more and more painful. No wonder «the Hangover,» sang the disease in these words:

There passed week-another, you start to dirty panties,

The smell has changed noticeably drop of morning dew…What is dangerous: Delayed treatment to the doctor can cause narrowing of the urethra. Then sore testicles, which is no longer fluttering like birds, bladder, and so on. If left untreated, then it is likely to stretch to prostatitis and infertility.

If in some original way, you will trigger the disease in your eyes, then wait for gonorrheal conjunctivitis, disease, cruel and merciless towards the vision. To get very easy to touch the eyes with dirty hands. Another complication from neovalens gonorrhea — gonorrheal drives, that is, inflammation of the knee joint, which can make you crippled for life.

With gonorrhea need to keep your ears sharp, because it can be transmitted even during oral sex. Treated it easier — don’t delay, otherwise you will blind lame and impotent. And so, drank antibiotics, and walk quietly.

Gonorrhea, chancre, and tambourine

Gathered in one car.

And went to Tiflis

To look for syphilis.


manygoodtips.com_7.11.2016_mmRb2Wg2Nu8K6Symptoms: Here it is — the Yin and Yang venereology, her pride and shame. Rumor has it that the disease is pulled on the sails, the sailors of Columbus, but really sore knew still in the stone age. Just on the other side of the ocean had a type of virus that decent Europeans had no immunity.

The classic incubation period of 21 days, after kotorogo in place of the introduction of treponemes in the mortal body are sore — «chancre». It’s dense and painless education, completely asymptomatic and cause no pain.

Further, this wound heals safely without causing any discomfort to the patient. However, it can get banal dirt, and then it festered. While there are phimosis of the prepuce, balanoposthitis, and other unpleasant consequences. Rash on hands and feet has nothing to do with dermatitis. It may last at least 5 years, unless treated.

Rash appears and disappears, but after comes the worst: the skin and internal organs, a so-called gum, which are revealed and they formed ugly scarring. And this is only the beginning: more lucky waiting for a truly legendary symptoms — sunken nose, hair loss, white spots on the neck, serious problems with the musculoskeletal system, irreversible changes in the internal organs and neurosyphilis that leads to dementia. As the cherry on the cake — a aortic dissection using Gumm, which leads to a very specific death.

What is dangerous: Without a nose, with a horrible, baggy kandilomy that resemble mushrooms covered with craters from explosions, make you look unsympathetic. And with a head will have problems — you do not need it, just believe. A quarter of seriously ill dies, the others remain ugly and deeply sick people. Guy de Maupassant, for example, died of paralysis of the brain caused by syphilis.

It is passed not only through sexual intercourse, so it can be caught using a spoon or razor with a carrier, when kissing, etc.


Symptoms: a Mysterious malady, to be honest. You can pick it up, and then live in peace over the years, suspecting nothing, and love passing on this game all in a row, so how can it itself does not show. However, if your immune system weakened by some other disease or because so many can not drink absolutely, a disease will respond to your genitals, burning after going to the toilet and weak discharge.

What is dangerous: the Disease will not go away, and go into a chronic form, and there is prostatitis, inflammation of the testicles and infertility. Most importantly, don’t run to look this disease right after sex with a questionable lady — muck-assert itself at least 2 weeks. Moreover, treatment is not always necessary. It all depends on the manifestations of the disease.


Symptoms: If your penis is full of germs — this is it. It is unlikely that you will die, but also a little pleasant. Especially when from my dick smells like a dead rat, had Padalitsa on asphalt in the hot summer heat. This scent any lady will be frightened away. Additional unpleasant symptoms are inflammation of the veins of the foreskin, slight itching of the urethra, roughness and loss of sensation of the head, and later ulcers, ulcers, pain and swelling. The head feels like a newspaper, so it is better not to masturbate, and treat.

What is dangerous:It is a classic sexually transmitted disease: you are not stuck there and infected. However, it can occur by itself — there is no insured.

All is treated very simply — enough to smear a member than prescribe, you can even without pills.

But in a relatively harmless balanoposthitis is kind of creepy — balanitis. For life is not dangerous, but there is a real danger of getting holes in the foreskin and even total loss of the unit.


Poradi.s. ua_7.11.2016_kFMDoy6rpx7NdSymptoms: Purely external manifestations, are of no benefit — only harm. To any external bodies grow hideous tumors, warts and spines of various forms. Almost like a coral or a colony of mushrooms on your clean-shaven ass. Symptoms can appear within several weeks or a month after the infection from a sexual partner. But in any case, such a sight you will not leave unnoticed.

What is dangerous: Get it — is simple enough. The most common way is sex, be it anal or oral.

Warts have to burn, but the virus is almost impossible to get rid of. There are instances when the immune system independently pressure sore, but in this case it needs to be strong. These or other strains of the virus hurts about 80% of the adult population, and to most people it does not interfere, but the severe weakening of the immune system, the warts will not keep you waiting. In addition, some strains of the virus very dangerous because it quickly lead to cancer.

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