Device for the spy, everything you need for life credit card

credit CArd1101931717 The man is simply obliged to carry their tools. While our readers think of how vulgar the phrase or what are we even meant, let me talk about James bond. This dude is fucking hot regardless of who plays it (because it only needs to sell his soul to the Devil or Hollywood)! And he has a lot of cool devices: the flying machine, the knife in my boot, key in the credit card.

Today’s device James just wants to get in your collection. He looks like a regular credit card, but not so simple. Before us is a multitool that you can «make out» at a fairly sharp knife, a toothpick, tweezers, compass, flat screwdriver, opener for cans and bottles the magnifying glass. In General, the joy of the present, bro! Of course, this multitool will not save you when your plane goes down somewhere in the jungle, but in daily life is very useful.

You can buy it for $ 15 on

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