Develop the stamina. Part 1: preparation

resistanceOur generation lacks a lot of things, we even did a whole series of posts on this topic. What is missing most is the ability to recover and resist. Still critically lacking. And I say this not on behalf of his grandfather, nostalgic for the forties, and on behalf of a person who himself is not enough stands. Let’s learn together.

Here is an example. When at uni we wrote some of the Colloquium, it was a real challenge for me. At first I wrote, thought, gave up the job and was absolutely sure. Then I came home, remembered the last peg and started to analyze myself. What questions I answered, some not, that I only remembered on the way home, and in the end I was completely unsure of himself. I thought I will definitely get one C, and my scholarship would have to say goodbye. You can imagine what it means for a student scholarship. Even those crumbs. I was devastated. Then we were told that all was not so bad, and I returned to our routine life.

My friend hated it. She was sick of seeing that I have no face because of some little things, but I could not help myself. I promised to reform, to change their behavior, but after a semester it was repeated.

I could not recover its moral strength. Still it is hard for me. And so, over the years I more or less learned to deal with it, but it does not seem to me sufficient. So I decided to understand the topic and to share their knowledge with you, man.

Why is that?

The better you have developed resistance, the more you resist against stress and lower your chances of depression. This is important. Today almost every third person suffers from depression. You can’t live in a war zone, but life’s difficulties and trials, and even the simple little things can Deplete you, to corner.

We all have times when we want to howl. Sometimes we all are on the brink. Resilience helps us deal with our own weakness and to be back on the horse, not to smear snot on her face.

Sustainability allows us to act and react — is appropriate and productive. So let’s take a closer look at this moment.

Resistance as a response

Sustainability is the ability to meet face-to-face with setbacks, problems, crises, and pain (emotional and physical) without losing confidence and vigor. It is the ability to quickly move away from our little tragedies and failed attempts.

This quality, which does not allow us to give up, even when going forward very difficult. This ability to deal with you in good times and bad; it is a force with which to overcome the temptation to quit when it stops being easy. A kind of endurance.

Persistent people don’t let their fear of the future and possible failures to condemn oneself to inaction. They do not allow the mistakes of the past to devour them from the inside. Instead, they focus on the things they can control.

Such people take personal responsibility for their actions. They do not cry, do not blame others. And they do not blame themselves so much that shame and guilt paralyze them and prevent you from moving forward and doing new attempts.

We see resistance, for example, the guy with cancer, but he remains optimistic and continues to fight. The man who divorces, but does not go with the sour. The guy was fired from a prestigious job, but who decides to stay a little householder, to spend time with their children. These people hold the Fort, when they heard the bad news and cares about his loved ones when something goes wrong. They are both strong and flexible.

Resilience helps to cope not only with the big life crises but also allows you to put up with the small life failures that constantly threaten to destroy your peace. Stands the man who can look into the face of his irritating colleague without malice; to quarrel with his wife without losing his temper and not swear at the child when he disappoints.

Resilience, as a manifestation of the activity

We often think of resistance as a trait that helps us to react to the test. Furthermore, sustainability helps us to manage your life. It is the quality that allows us to face the world, to experience incredible adventures, to invade the unknown. This quality allows us to take risks, connect with others, to live deeply and intensely.

Without resistance we would have the rest of your life shaking over our failures, instead of moving forward. The pain of past disappointments, or even the idea of how you would be disappointed, he disarmed us, and we wouldn’t have neither the courage nor the desire to use their chances and opportunities. We are afraid to experience pain and embarrassment. Without resistance we wouldn’t do big things, hiding from the world, trying to protect themselves from the pain and at the same time taking all the chances to enjoy, wonder and fun. Fear to try something and fail is strong in our minds. However, we ignored an even greater failure when we even try not to try, just to try and take a chance.

Everyone wants to respect the brave man who can approach any woman and start a conversation. Which can sauntering gait to walk into your boss and demand a raise. Who is on a journey, which everyone else thinks is crazy. Their secret is resistance. They have thick skin, they do not suffer from fear of further frustration, which can be fatal, they are not afraid to hurt your ego. They are not afraid to get into an awkward situation. They know that if they are rejected, if nothing happens, then they do not lose anything: they wilt like a Daisy; they’ll just encounter a setback, recover and go on. They are not afraid to have a relationship through fear of possible separation; they know that pain is possible, but we are confident that they will cope with it and can move on.

You want to enjoy life, or live as a clam, looking out of her shell to life, like a minefield? The choice is obvious. Can you develop a resistance and be the king.

While some men naturally have more resistance than others, or helped them to develop such as their parents, less fortunate. But this does not mean that we should despair. This muscle: someone of this nature, and all the rest can build.

To develop a resistance is vital for any guy who wants to live a quality life. Soon we will tell you how to become more sustainable. Stay tuned, friend.

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