Develop psychological stability

manygoodtips.com_5.10.2014_b1wSOo1vgHtjyCan you right here and now to call yourself a psychologically strong man? And anyway, what does this mean? Because this concept is not sufficiently transparent, as each person has his definition, characterizing a state of soul and mind.

Confidence and peace of mind, self-sufficiency and independence, strong will and emotional balance, the ability to withstand stressful situations and to choose the best solution in a difficult moment — all the bright facets of a single precious stone, and certainly each of us wants to have a complete set of these cool features.

Moreover, we are always, consciously or unconsciously, evaluate people according to these parameters, and to communicate and to walk in life we wish with such people. Mentally stable person easily gaining the favor of others, due to the fact that his power, affecting both the charisma bar (whatever you call it!) helps him to maintain composure and restraint.

The result of one: his approval and friendship, he grows rapidly through the ranks, jumping a couple of steps step. People feel the power and avoid engaging with the person in conflict, do not dare to encroach on his interests and often even inferior to his «without a fight».

It all sounds very cool in theory, but actually to be mentally stable person in the modern world it is virtually impossible. Rabid dynamics of city life and constant stress mold annoying, aggressive and short-tempered people, who will sooner or later lose the ability to think straight and perform under the influence of powerful emotions of a fatal error.

Stress resistance — not new-fangled notion invented expensive psychologists, whose infirm customers, their bread and butter.

As in sports, and in combat training lessons psychological stability in the top position. A writer under the pseudonym Viktor Suvorov», describing his training in the secret service GRU in the 70-ies of XX century, mentioned training stress: the person is given a sheet of paper with some text and the job – for example, please circle letter «o» to emphasize the letter «e», put a checkmark over the letter «a». Given a time limit, e.g. 2 minutes. The clock is ticking, and here begins the interference. For example, the recording, the voice yells: «Underline «on»! Circle «a»! Put a tick over the «I»!» – trying to knock down. Or even a man trying to snatch the sheet of paper thrust under the arm or say something. The same exercise can be blitz chess, in which you play with a strict time limit.

And no matter how pleasant the reputation of the impulsive daredevil, hot-guys, are heroes for long, they may win the battle, but wars are won by people with cold heads.

And may you never have to participate in military battles or in top-secret operations, we can take some lessons psychological stability of those people who survived the hardships of battle and was not given difficult circumstances to break themselves.

These tips will perfectly fit into your work or personal life, making a spine of steel and nerves of iron.

1. Openness and trust

manygoodtips.com_5.10.2014_qr1b7mOzwMh2yMan needs man. And whoever says the opposite, sanctimony already hiding under the guise of a misanthrope, perhaps, just a pathetic loser, and such a characteristic is, by definition, the opposite of psychologically stable personality.

What you would not have been «lone wolf», the support of family and friends is the main aspect in the development of psychological strength.

A few years ago in America the scientific study was conducted in which the role of «Guinea pigs» were people whose sphere of work and General way of life were associated with constant stress.

It turned out that the most important protective factor is the presence of a close person who can tell about the troubles, to share my soul. Only 4% of subjects with constant stress and the presence of attorneys in the mysteries of the heart and soul depressed, and if such person in the subject was not, then the risk of depression jumped to 37%.

As paradoxical as it may sound, if you keep it all to myself, how, in your opinion, a real man, sooner or later this bomb, made of hidden anger, irritation, bitterness, and resentment explode so that you will not find it.

The concept of moral sustainability rejects such qualities as arrogance, pride and inaccessibility.

Psychologically strong people meet stress with raised visor, and not run from it. Power involves the trust to friends and the ability to discuss personal problems.

So if you put a very nice pose, don’t go and don’t turn it off. Look for people who are struggling with similar situations, share with them your fears, ask for guidance. The best advisers in a situation of stress are people who have already experienced it. Build relationships with those who believe in future and not afraid of challenges. Avoid people who are looking for in life the easy way: support from you.

2. Readiness errors

manygoodtips.com_5.10.2014_PpOUJzUw1iYmtSomeday when I’m an old fart, I’ll write my version of how steel is tempered, and the first item is the ability to accept individual failure for their own global worthlessness and uselessness.

What examples from the life you lead? For example, if you have once again failed at the interview, maybe it’s not that you’re ugly, but just need to tighten up your communication skills?

After each failure weaklings with double force digging a hole where in a hurry with honor bury your self-esteem, deeper, without getting any useful lesson from the resulting, albeit negative, but still experience.

Strong spirit never denies his mistakes, is not engaged in soul-searching and looking for ways to solve the problems, but it is not so easy.

Anger and embarrassment is a normal reaction to setbacks, and to overcome these feelings, it is necessary to work hard. You can even learn to savor their own mistakes to give yourself the opportunity to become perfect.

Try for each significant activity to put yourself evaluation on a scale of ten for effort. If your score in some area of falls, think about other cases where it is high. With the help of this technique, you won’t derail your entire life because of problems with work or personal life.

3. Think positive

manygoodtips.com_5.10.2014_fq9jooPrnWEZLThe ability to find even the smallest drop of honey in a huge VAT of tar is the most valuable quality of a person with a strong psychological resistance. Leading psychologists, based on its long-standing practice, in one voice say that people who have experienced serious tragic events like natural disasters, disaster or shooting, restores the psychological balance much faster than ordinary patients who complain of problems in the work or in the family.

It turned out that appeared before the face of death, realized that he had received a positive experience, a terrible event forced them to pay more attention to his family and life in General.

When a crisis hits, think about it, what benefits it brought you.

Let’s say you lost your job… But on the other hand, as it is every morning to come in a dull office and sit there from start to finish? Now you have a free hand, and you can look for something better.

4. Order. Sport. Discipline

manygoodtips.com_5.10.2014_F9rKqQae9PRnKThe name of the item speaks for itself, and once again to explain how important self-discipline, a clear schedule and the gym, we won’t, because you can view our magazine and read a bunch of cool articles and tips on this subject.

I will just note that under stress accumulates aggression, which is expressed in the desire to raise your voice to get into a fight, find a reason to open conflict, etc. These emotions can easily jump from the mental to the physical level, such as there is tension in the muscles causes painful stiffness in the neck and back.

One of the effective tools for the development of moral-psychological stability of cadets of military schools — martial arts.

Training in the gym or passion for martial arts will give the muscles the discharge, which they lack, allowing to throw out the accumulated aggression.

The development of moral stability is the way that you anticipate, expect and look several moves ahead.

And when life gets you stumped, don’t eat the bricks, yielding to despair, and if necessary retreat to then replay the situation in your favor.

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