Detail: little mistakes that lead to big problems

In every sphere of life, be it professional life, personal or internal, is always a place mistakes, which can lead to problems. Most often, they appear at your personal oversight. To become more insightful and ultimately, more satisfied and free from unwanted constraints, it is good to think over things that you usually ignore. Anyone can be «captain of his soul», you just have to learn to manage it. It should be noted that there are very many things we can’t control, sometimes you should not even try, but this does not mean that we are in the depths of the sea and the outcome of our life depends on the will of the case.

1. Ignoring the fact that you can control

Great freedom and power gives you the opportunity to look at yourself and the situation. Any situation should always be viewed as a system of «cause and effect». All of life is reminiscent of the equation that need to be addressed. If you do not do everything possible to accomplish what you want, to seize opportunities and to do it all haphazardly, it will not work. There are quite a few things that you can control: thoughts, emotions, feelings, cash flows, relationship and so on. No need to miss out on this opportunity! So, from time to time something happens that we cannot control, but the negative effects of uncontrolled processes can be smoothed or try to guide in the right direction. In other words, no matter what happens to you, the most important thing is how you react to it.

2. Worry about what you cannot control

Quite a lot of things is in our control, but to find real freedom, it is enough to recognize that you absolutely cannot change or understand all processes that operate on you. Freedom is not the absence of restrictions, limitation is always there. You just have to build their lives in the framework that you need.

You can have the absolute need to earn money to pay their bills. Let’s call it «constraint». But in any case, if you’re going to be happy and free favorites you way of life, you have to worry less about things over which you have no control, such as the need for money. You can spend the money on creative things, and something interesting: you always have a choice. So that you can focus your creative efforts on what we can control.

3. To measure the success of someone else’s standards

Do not measure your success by other people’s standards. Think of your own indicators to measure success. Not matter what others think, what matters is what you think about yourself. That’s all that matters. You and you alone decide how you want to live your life. Goals and expectations of other people who monitor their success doesn’t matter in the long run. Never forget this.

When you become a «master of his own fate,» you get a very cool thing — freedom of choice. Actually the choice is not always, because there are always factors that you cannot control. But you stop believing that everything bad and good is destiny. You might want to lead an active way of life or, on the contrary, peace, quiet, and safe. In any case, it’s a good thing to realize that you want something different from what I want seven billion people in this world, even pleasant.

4. Assume that you need to humble ourselves and accept the situation for what it is

It is important to know exactly what you want from life. This is half the battle! It’s time to realize that you don’t like it, because it will automatically answer the question: «What do I want from life?»

You have to decide what standards are you going to set for yourself. Then you have to enforce them. Do not think that if something bad happens, you need to accept and tolerate the blows of fate! Need to kick, bite as much as anyone, because otherwise you’ll never know for sure what you really are worthy. Love and respect yourself enough to never lower your standards with different, often the wrong reasons.

5. To quit when «I smell bacon»

When you listen to your intuition in choosing a life path, you are likely focused on simple solutions. But easy ways do not happen! Sometimes we are not ready for any situation, and when it happens some shit, we understand that we can’t do anything. It seems to us that shouldn’t continue, we wash our hands and throw the case halfway. Life is constantly testing us on all levels. Big rewards coming to us, reserved for those who demonstrated endless devotion to move forward even in difficult times. In any case, you always get the reward of valuable experience, which, as they say, do not cut.

6. To treat oneself, people and situations too seriously

Strange, but there are many people who take everything too close to heart. I have the feeling that they are Guinea pigs in some experiment, and their actions are of special interest to everyone who lives in the world. But most usually do not care! Don’t judge yourself and all you meet in life, so seriously. There are many things that are important: personal freedom, security of us and our loved ones. This is really the case. But most of life’s circumstances (especially problems) are fleeting and insignificant in the Grand scheme of things.

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