Dessert of the two components

Dessert of the two components, 8.07.2013, xnZjl3xu4nVmkTrnjzDUsaCcEvGZ0Hho

Take a measuring Cup, sieve, flour, milk, butter, sour cream and put it all somewhere far away, because this whole set to you in this case is not required. A recipe that you know now that you like it, and it is done simply and quickly — and only two components. I agree that all this is a great and indisputable advantage.

So, for a cool and delicious dessert you will need only two ingredients — chocolate cookies and ready — whipped cream (although the cookies you can take what you like, but the chocolate in this recipe looks more appetizing).

The cookies smear a large spoonful of cream, top with another cookie, again cream, cookies, cream, and so alternated several times. We get something like a tower., 8.07.2013, wgfTl1yhKnloAEJAtegKIBfQNBVoCuWY

Then the tower turns in a horizontal position and thus the tower becomes a caterpillar., 8.07.2013, xjd3cqyAn8JGC8E3jVqfUBM3JqIC5j2k

Generously coat our tower-caterpillar on all sides with whipped cream. Wrap in foil and put in the fridge and go., 8.07.2013, g3uKi7u8ClNMrpkk6dyXMjbF17asKuki

Whatever the temptation to immediately try the dessert, it is necessary to show restraint and to let it sit a while, well, at least not less than one hour and more is better. During this time, biscuit is soaked with cream and become soft. And your dessert is like a cake.

When you decide that enough time has passed, or you just can’t wait, call friends or girlfriend for the feast. It is impossible to eat such a beautiful and elegant dessert, no boasting., 8.07.2013, fhNgTGXTp1FxtwvRmtWgNi88k4nwxm8l

Cut dessert diagonally to get the cute Zebra stripes, it will impress your friends.

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