Desk in the form of a Corvette


So many friends bro has a strange desire to at home as an office. This is understandable: it is their private space, which is in fact vitally necessary for the person not to go crazy ahead of time. A chic Desk — this is a separate song. Somehow, many people want to the table was truly original.

Apparently, it is for these people was invented by the elegant Desk in a Corvette Shelby Mustan bright yellow color. Feel like such a table increases your performance. It is growing at lightning speed, accelerating from 0 to 60 km/h in seconds. Convenient glass work surface is not scratched (scratches decently annoying), available and convenient boxes in which you can, for example, have a bar.

The only drawback is the price she bites, quite frankly, decent. $ 2 000.00 — the amount you will have to pay for such a beauty.

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