DeLorean DMC-12: Back to the future

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The famous trilogy of Robert Zemeckis Back to the future, not without the iconic characters that will forever remain with us. A future in which there were the main characters of the movie came this year, however, Zemeckis was too naive sense of the power of scientific progress, which should entangle the world.

Sorry, we can’t use time machine, but we can ride the legendary DeLorean, which has long been discontinued, and then re-launched. Let us tell you about this futuristic monster 80-ies of XX century.

DeLorean DMC-12 is a car that was produced by the DeLorean Motor Company between 1981 and 1983, while the company has not issued nothing more interesting in the automotive industry, became bankrupt. In fact, it was the only established model. Now, due to the fact that the car has become the object of mass culture, the DeLorean was able to outlive their owners. General, the history is very tragic. John DeLorean, founder of the company, was formerly an employee of a giant Corporation Genetal Motors. Care with the automotive giant, John decided to write a book about those infamous orders, and vent employees that took place in GM. But the management of the Corporation was faster, thanks to trumped-up charges of drug trafficking and court costs turned out to destroy the financial assets of young DeLorean Motor Company. Investors left, and John DeLorean was left with nothing, although in the end he cleared his reputation, since, of course, in no way was a drug dealer. World famous companies have come much later, she, in some way, and raised her, though under a different leadership.

In 1995, young Scouse purchased the assets of bankrupt company, and subsequently resumed production of the famous DMC-12. Of course, the resources of small businesses do not allow you to put the car on the conveyor, so you can buy it, only pre-ordering. In 2011, the cost of a modern DeLorean in the minimum configuration was 60 thousand dollars, but rare instances of 80 years you can get 20 thousand dollars. In any case, the fun is not cheap, however, it corresponds to a unique machine.

The lead designer of model was the world-famous Georgeto Gurjara Italian automotive genius, who in 1999 was awarded the «Car Designer of the Century», and in 2002 was included in the Automotive Hall of Fame. He was able to work with many automotive companies, among which were Maserati, Lamborghini, BMW, Bugatti, alpha Romeo and other giants. Among his works were such that like a DeLorian DMC-12, was able to get into the history of car design. This cool person was able to realize the DeLorean is a stylish and bold look, which was inspired by Zemeckis and his cool character awesome film about time travel scientist Emmett L. brown.

manygoodtips.com_3.06.2015_RL9VE4PY9CoWGIf you do a time machine into a car, why wouldn’t she look stylish?

scientist Emmett L. brownIndeed, hardly anyone would remember this car, if not shot film with her participation. And it is unlikely that the company went bankrupt, if this movie was filmed a couple of years earlier. Premiere of the first part Back to the Future took place in 1985. At the same time and all were sold the old car.

Emmett L. brown used a nuclear reactor for overcoming the time, but by ensuring environmentally friendly, eccentric Professor has decided to replace the reactor into a fusion installation, which has not been used plutonium for fuel. Magnetic cushion allowed the machine to fly. However, this is all cool, but what can give a real machine a real dude?

For starters – 177 km/h and acceleration to 100 km/h in 10.5 seconds. Don’t compare with modern sports cars – to 80-ies it was quite cool. But while environmental regulations significantly reduced capacity. Rear-wheel drive and V6 engine, outstanding some 130 horsepower and is not allowed to consider the car is quite powerful in its kind could be better (say, instead he could stand the Wankel engine). Well, of course, design. Design is just some kind of game. The wings of the «Seagull» and a coating of stainless steel in 1 mm, which allows you for a long time to forget about corrosion of the metal, for example. I don’t care what the coverage is ill-suited for staining, and also leaves visible traces potiranie.

manygoodtips.com_3.06.2015_mBuJ0v2fnrh6QStainless steel body has a beneficial effect on the turbulence of the flow of time.

scientist Emmett L. brown, the DeLorean, among other things, known for its reliability. If we exclude those machines that now are made to order, there were produced 9,000 vehicles, of which 6500 is still in working condition. And it’s been more than 30 years, and it’s really weird.

It is unlikely that we will see ever major new edition of the DeLorean. Given the hand-built, this car is available in several copies in a month. However, the machine continues to live and continues to live, rather through art, not to its outstanding characteristics. A rare case when the story, at least in some measure repay slandered and publicly humiliated man. Nevertheless, you should say thank you to John DeLorean, at the time, resigned as Vice-President of General Motors, because he still founded his small but bold company, which existed for only 7 years and then moved in time to our days.

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