Delicious Breakfast — boat from baton

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Ahead of the weekend, try to make them as pleasant as possible. And since a good Breakfast — a pledge of good mood for the whole day, here’s a tasty recipe for a Breakfast in the form of a boat with the baton. He is so good that you can always experiment with the filling, replacing the cheese recommended on your favorite, or the bacon for ham, etc.


2 French baguette;

6 eggs;

¼ Cup of milk;

⅛ Cup of whipped cream;

8 strips of bacons;

¾ Cup Gruyere cheese;

10 cherry tomatoes;

grated Parmesan;

salt and ground black pepper.

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  • Preheat the oven to 200°C.
  • Remove from the loaf the flesh so that it turned like a boat. How you do it, just don’t hurt the bottom below the boat drowned, or worse, to leaking eggs.
  • Strips of bacon and lightly sauté. Mix together eggs, milk, and whipped cream. Add Gruyere cheese, salt and pepper.
  • On a baking sheet of bed paper for baking and put on him the loaves.
  • Fill boats with mixture of eggs, put equally bacon and cherry tomatoes.
  • Leave the boat in the oven for no more than 25 minutes, look to the loaf is not burnt.

After you get the boat out of the oven, let cool slightly, then cut into portions and enjoy your meal.

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