Delicate male problem and how to solve it

What the man’s trouble? No, it is not necessary to delve into the sexually transmitted. And it’s not even testicular cancer. It’s very simple. Prostatitis. Just prostatitis – what a fun play on words. But still fun enough. Remember the commercial where the tired men running around at night in the toilet and leave it with deep disappointment? So, it is actually much worse. Even worse is the fact that suffer from prostatitis, even 20-year-old man. Ecology and other rubbish put everyone at risk.

With prostatitis, there is neither happiness nor joy, nor go to the toilet normally, no sex life… is it life in General? Remember the emotions of Tom Hanks ‘ character from «the Green mile» that was nasty. So here’s a series of preventive measures that will keep your iron in one piece, will save the humiliation of picking in the ass, the people called it as prostate massage. However, if you really want to try, then…

1. Walking

manygoodtips.com_22.04.2015_Jz1mlpC2fvUAWDaily for normal operation of the prostate, take a walk at least 4 km but good for prostate is beneficial for digestion. Anyway frozen from a permanent seat stomach will start to work. And heart will thank you.

2. Charging

If you sit long in one position, the useful will be a small charge. In charge can include a few squats, jumps, etc. Even ordinary climbing stairs will be very useful in this situation. Your prostate needs constant blood flow, so any actions involving the feet strongly encouraged.

3. Training the muscles of the perineum

Here the most interesting. Very useful several times a day to do this exercise. It is enough to 10 times to stretch and relax the muscles of the buttocks and perineum, like Arthur Pirozhkov. It promotes good blood circulation in the prostate.

4. Shower

To enhance local immunity useful to take once a day douches in their native genitals. It only mean they will be unhappy. In fact all of your belongings together with your prostate will thank you for such a strong blood flow in the right places.

5. Massage

manygoodtips.com_22.04.2015_pUfohxGLjTBfAIt is very useful to perform the massage of lumbar and sacral spine. It is clear that to yourself you do just do not you can. Therefore, we need a woman who will stretch my spicy region. You can, of course, ask a friend, but if he’s a normal person, even for the Holy ideals of friendship will not be massaging your pricopie. Then you should consult a massage therapist to visit him at least twice in half a year.

6. Measures

You know how much merry and pontovschikov, despised the drawers, are now willing to wear them even in summer? Very much. Convenience – this, of course, very good, but the body also would not hurt to think about. On the hypothermic do not think until then, until you start to write crooked or not earn pneumonia.

7. Sex life

And, how strange, but «the way of the male» has a negative impact on the mysterious gland. Rather, regular sex life, on the contrary, stimulates the prostate to the exploits. But it is desirable that the sexual life was with the constant sexual partner. But the frequent, sudden and prolonged pauses do not impact positively on the gland.

8. Nerves

That all diseases of the nerves, has long been known. But how not to be nervous, if life is this?!

9. Food

manygoodtips.com_22.04.2015_BXrPfOBcmrjZ5Tumor development of the prostate contribute to obesity, liver cirrhosis, atherosclerosis, hypertension, Smoking, alcohol and impaired synthesis of hormones in the male body. For example, in China, Japan, where the diet is dominated by residents not animals and vegetable fats, the disease is quite rare. In short, everything as always: eat right and be healthy. Boring, there is too much choice.

But seriously, the intestines spoils the life of the male gland. But if constipation is your common, then I have a prostate bad news. So rather than do a shameful enema, better some time to eat properly.

10. Folk remedies

In addition to plots like «Saint Spyridon, Saint Hippolyte, institutions your house, go prostatitis», the old folk tradition recommends many infusions. Nature loves you and you love spoiling her.

As a preventive means, it is possible to use extract and tea from fireweed (his second name Ivan Chay). You can also drink a decoction prepared from walnut shell. For its preparation you need to take 2 kg of hazelnuts and separate shells from kernels. Then the shell placed in an enamel bowl and pour three liters of cold water, then boil for 3-4 minutes. Then reduce the heat and leave the broth to simmer for 4 hours. After 45 minutes settling filter.

Take 30 ml before each meal for two months, then take a break and if necessary repeat the course. It is believed that swill taste like, no. However, it’s better than the taste of dead rat meat. In any case it is unlikely you will be doing the teas, so go ahead.

Well, fans poloskati seeds will be pleased to know that they are on the right track. Only seeds need to replace the pumpkin. I wonder how often Gopnik suffer from prostatitis?

11. Gymnastics

manygoodtips.com_22.04.2015_8adTAUxjjgo24For those who believe in the power of physical education, it is strongly recommended Kegel exercises. She has another huge and very seductive plus: they say it allows you to increase the duration of sexual intercourse. There is a huge complex, worthy of a separate article, but we will list the basics, which should be enough.

A smooth cut. You just tense the perineal muscles for three to five seconds and then gradually relax.

The sharp decline. Quickly tense and relax muscles in the maximum speed.

Voltage. For this exercise you need to tense, as if the act of defecation for three to five seconds, then relax.

Such exercises can be performed up to five times a day. Ten repetitions at a time and each week add 5-7 reps bringing their number up to 40-55. Nothing complicated, you just need to force yourself. Or at least drink autarchic of hazelnut with abundant hardening of the penis.

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