Deformities in which no one is to blame

Before these people were considered freaks, demonic atrodami and therefore strongly despised. During this time, little has changed. They still arouse the curiosity mixed with shock and disgust. But these people can only pity them, because against such anomalies and mutations no one is immune.

1. HPV


There was a simple Indonesian fisherman Dede Kovar. He lived himself, not bothering anyone, he earned his living by honest labor, until one day noticed the warts on his body began to appear more and more, and they acquired bizarre forms. He was nicknamed «tree man». No, not because of low IQ. Just numerous growths began to take the form of bizarre tropical plants. In the end, a lonely father raising two children, it became very difficult to engage in usual life. Growths become hard like tree bark, and covered all parts of the body. The accident became difficult to keep hands and elementary to move. He was more like the Ancient of «Lord of the Rings» or the beloved Groot. The only work that suited him – the freak show. There is such love. Or a tree in the productions of the famous Indonesian Spectators.

About my Grandfather I learned the whole world that he began to actively sympathize. Some, however, progressed beyond the elementary sympathy. American doctors wishing to go down in history, undertook to remove all of the «lush vegetation». But to remove it is simply impossible, because the growths continue to grow with the speed of a falling Euro. Tried chemo, but the liver Grandfather did not survive the tortures that had to stop. But my husband became easier to move around. He claims that he has grown a process with a length of 40 cm, which after removal was probably used as a handle for a shovel.

Bushes ‘branches’ were caused by well-known in medicine by the human papillomavirus. Ordinary patients such tumor are more easily curable, but the immune system Indonesian a genetic mutation are unable to restrain the growth of alien tissues. It is striking that in the case of other diseases the immune system POPs wasn’t too fussy and regularly fulfill the assigned to him the function of protector of the body.

2. Syndrome mermaid


In fact there’s no romance, unlike the movie Ariel. People with this abnormality do not travel through the depths of the sea and not turn into sea foam, but simply do not survive due to complications in the development of the kidneys and bladder. Really like here to develop normally, if the two legs have grown together and resemble a side fishtail. This mutation appears in each of 100000 newborns. It would seem, not so much, but still extremely sad.

Sometimes doctors can carry out a successful operation to rescue the mermaid from death.

3. Hypertrichosis


Of course, you remember furry creatures from horror movies? No, I’m not about the Comedy of Michael Galustyan, I’m talking about other horror movies, those where there are werewolves. Namely werewolves and chelovekoobraznoe during the middle ages called people with similar genetic defect. No offense to the monkeys to be said, but «werewolf» sounds rougher. This disease is characterized by excessive hair growth all over the body, including the face and ears. The first case of hypertrichosis have been recorded in the 16th century. And of course, this man had a very hard time in society.

A joke about overly hairy fellow with the southern borders of the country. Yes, there are those who just happened to be overly hairy. And if your body is covered with vegetation 70%, then you just got unlucky, and you’re not sick. But someone less fortunate like «girl werewolf» from Bangkok and Mexican Larry Gomez. We’ve learned that Mexican is a heavyset mustachioed man in sombrero. In the case of Larry, it’s much worse. He is covered with hair all over the face and not only.

To cure this beauty is impossible, but it is possible to constantly shave and depilate body excess vegetation. However, it is possible to go crazy from the constant struggle with my hair.

4. The from ectrodactyly


There is nothing funny, though sin is not a joke on the ninja Turtles and master Yoda. However, this congenital malformation, which are completely missing or underdeveloped fingers and/or feet caused by a malfunction of the seventh chromosome. By the way, this insidious mutation is not restricted. Often the companion of disease is a complete lack of hearing.

5. Progeria


We all remember the story about the girl Hannah and Leon Botha, who lit up in the video clip South African boor Die Antwood. Frankly, kind of creepy, similar, rather, on the mummies of creation was indeed very young people suffering from a rare and incurable disease progeria, in fact, premature aging. Remember the movie «Junior» with Robin Williams about a boy who grew up beyond his years, and by 18 became senile? This is even worse. The child turns into a dried mummy, constantly suffering from heart attacks and vascular diseases, can not move independently, has a very tough, hairless skin and a complete lack of chances for a normal existence.

Found this car (otherwise you will not name) have one child of 8 000 000. The disease is characterized by irreversible changes in the skin and internal organs, caused by premature aging. The average life expectancy of people with this disease for 13 years, after which they die due to the accumulation in the body progeria. There was only one instance when the patient has not reached the age of forty-five years, and it was recorded in a rich centenarians of Japan.

Scientists are trying to develop programs to somehow make life easier for small elderly people who are already up to 10 years transferred some heart attacks, but so far all in vain.

6. Syndrome, Uner Tan


When the Turkish biologist Uner tan met the Ulas family that lived in one of the Turkish villages. Family, to put it mildly, unusual. They moved only on all fours. They so liked, it was their choice, which is not surprising given the fact that they had a very primitive language and with a very weak brain activity. Almost at the level of the child. Here’s a Chupacabra.

Geneticists have no single opinion regarding this disease. Some shout that it has nothing to do with genetics and the causes must be sought elsewhere. While others claim that it is the reverse step of evolution on the genetic level – elementary degradation. Therefore, during these disputes, few people pay attention to poor patients. And how to treat them, from what? Instead of walking on all fours the family making a documentary. And everyone is happy: Ulas do not understand what is happening, and the Director earns for an apartment in Istanbul.

7. Trimethylaminuria


There are injuries, and will not notice, but very well feel. Trimethylaminuria is one of them. There are no statistical data on its distribution, so it is rare. To suffer from this disease in the body accumulates trimethylamine. It is a substance with a sharp odor, resembling the smell of rotten fish and eggs, are excreted with sweat and creates around the patient unpleasant fetid smell. Naturally, people with such a genetic failure contraindicated to appear in public places. In the name of ethics and charity to the society. Here you can make a joke about the usual women, that emit a subtle fishy smell, but for reasons of ethics and morality will not do. After all, the people suffer a great deal.

But don’t worry if you also get bad odors. Maybe we should just wash and wash?

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