Define a conformist

manygoodtips.com_23.05.2014_mQqE6j67OIHueTo merge with the gray mass – what could be easier? Conformism is effortless, he can comfortably go with the flow of life.

However, there is one problem: no one really important invention, no work of art is not able to be born inside the conforming gray mass. If you intend to do something worthwhile on this planet, it’s time to look at yourself. Here are a few signs of conformism, which in the case of detection should be eradicated quickly and decisively.

1.You are not able to answer for himself

If you can’t answer basic questions that concern you, your beliefs, your opinion, without consulting with some trusted person or your favorite search engine – it’s rubbish. Nonconformist confident enough in your own position to Express it, without seeking approval from a third party.

2.You wear many different masks

If your behavior differs dramatically depending on with whom at the moment you’re talking to, most likely, you’re a conformist. No, we are not talking about what words and actions does not have to correlate to the identity of the interlocutor. With mom, with friends and with a girl you communicate in three different ways, while remaining themselves. If you constantly Express diametrically opposed viewpoints on the subject, talking with different people, you obviously seek to hang the «guise» — to adapt to the environment. This is called conformism.

3.You’re lying about the taste

You pretend to like to impress others? Undoubtedly, the existence of common interests brings people together. But in case your fake interest, the convergence will be long.

4.You’re afraid not to keep up with fashion

You buy clothes, basing their choice on fashion trends, and not on taste. There is nothing wrong to look in accordance with the requirements of fashion. Just don’t go crazy – don’t forget about their own preferences in clothing. Man, from head to toe dressed in the latest fashion, completely losing his individuality, always remember that.

5.You believe because you said so

Do you believe in Yahweh, Perun, or the Flying spaghetti Monster, because your parents told you to believe? Faith can be a real treasure kept in the heart only if she is sincere, real. Faith is personal, it cannot be imposed from the outside. It is possible to impose execution of rites, maintaining a semblance of religiosity – anything else, and that’s real sincere feeling should be born and grow up in your heart by yourself.

6.You blindly trust authority

If your favorite broadcaster said that the Green Party holds Crickets «right» bills in the Parliament, this does not mean that you immediately have to join the party. To listen to the opinion of respected people you, definitely worth it, but to think with your head don’t forget.

7.You’re not trying to confront evil

Speech, certainly, goes not about what you must infiltrate a terrorist group under the cover and destroy it from the inside. You can choose more realistic goals. The nonconformist will never be silent in the face of how colleagues mocking the new kid, for example. Your silence gives the green light to such manifestations of aggression. If in this situation you might to resist evil – you have to do it.

8.You get all the news from one source

For a person wishing to obtain a full picture of what is happening, it is obvious that none of the media even proud and independent, is unable to give such a picture. To be able to imagine some event in its entirety, it is necessary to take in equal proportions many sources and mix with a critical approach to each of them. It is clear that not all the events happening in the world, you should be worried about. Learn about them it is possible with a single information channel. But if you’re content with one media for information on the topic that you actually care about, you’re probably just too lazy to think for themselves. Much easier to take someone else’s position than to create your own. But did someone say that nonconformity is easy?

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