Deep breath: things about which not to be upset

manygoodtips.com_11.03.2014_JmxiqDMo925SYHow often do you say «It annoys me»? More than once a week? Every day? Several times a day? If you answered «Yes» to even one of these questions, follow my instructions: lie down on the sofa face down and slowly opuskaya. No, don’t thank me yet. It’s not even magic. Now, when the world seems to you a little bit more pleasant, let’s talk about for whatever reasons and not to get angry.


It all depends on where you live (in the comments there are certainly nerd who will say that we don’t think about rural residents), from time to time you have to face traffic jams. You are not alone, dude! Common sense tells us that life in the city is associated with traffic jams, especially during rush hour. Attention, question: how tube can irritate you so much, if their existence is as obvious as the existence of cold, frosts, floods and Nicki Minaj? This behavior is similar to the situation with the us situation comedies, when the family dinner is declared the grandson is gay, and my grandfather is a homophobe of the principle ignores it. It’s clear to everyone that reality is not going away, and if she’s still angry, better still will not.

Security service in public areas

At the airport, at the train station — everywhere the same story: want to go there — first you have to stand a long queue to the gate detector, to gut your pockets and bag to enlighten in a special device. And you’re in a hurry. Registration has already begun. And then there is some idiot who decides to Express his anger in a passive-aggressive way. How? Of course, to call and tell: «I’m trying to get to the airport, that’s so ridiculous! It seems that this plane would leave without me, that stupid security system!» You’re an idiot? Can drink Valerian to calm down — do everyone a favor. For a long time in Domodedovo was hit? Was not enough?

All post on social media

I address personally to those who complains that it is always a lot of tweets, pictures, photos, food and other typical social content. And what do you want from them, genius? The world gave them a toy they are playing. It would be strange if things like sensible obedient children, put aside the clothes aside and wait for a special occasion: my grandmother always taught me that the new should be protected until it is old enough to use it. What is this nonsense? The social network created in order to allow people to share what they want in any convenient time for them. They are sharing. If you don’t like something, your trouble. Could direct this energy in a more constructive direction — for example, to do their own thing. Well, post it or something.


I voted only once in my life, so I have not enough rights to talk about it — especially my candidate still didn’t win. However, I still legitimately don’t like these political battles. Who will say to me «Putin», that already makes me tense, including also because I know in advance: it is not neutral. Politics never say in a neutral manner: accusing or aggressive, or aggressive defending. This does not mean that I have no ideas about what I would like to see their country. Just all existing semantic paradigm of our policy of predictable, deliberately aggressive and managed to bore many. Even the debaters.


This is a huge reason for everyone to be angry. Why people can’t bear to watch the sport. I myself am a sports fan, I regularly go to games and seen enough of it in full. To all you people who like to shout: «do You not understand that we had to score?», «I do not go!», «Let him!» «Are you stupid?!» — why are you doing this? You toil in vain: the player you can’t hear, and if hears, maybe he those words, case no. They are a thousand times discussed the strategy and tactics, thinking combination, and they are much better than others I know that have to score. They are trying, and the fans can’t influence the situation. So better watch and enjoy technology. Alien team can also show the class.


It is also strange to be mad because of the study. It may seem that I’m being a grandfather, and the grandfather thing will not say. Many do not have access to higher education: someone did not have enough money, some life circumstances do not allow such a luxury. Higher education is not torture, it’s a privilege. If you’re going to treat him exactly the training will automatically cease to irritate you. At the end of it all, you learn for yourself, not for someone else. Do what suits you for the good, maybe to irritate you?

The next time you get upset, try to assess the problem from the side: is it really so big? If you can’t calm down, counts to ten, would you like a sedative? Or at least lie down face down. In any unclear situation lie face down.

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