Decorate your beard for the New year

Dude, you know what, we want to remind you? Of course, the future New year, but rather, about his drunken encounter. If you’re an irresponsible guy until now, don’t even think about how to buy a Christmas tree, then it is likely that you will not have time to buy it. Look at the calendar – in fact, there is very little time.

If the lack of trees due to the lack of money, we can offer you to buy a Christmas tree in a pot, are sold in stores. Well, if you got a pitiful five hundred and in the Arsenal there are only toys, and it can be dealt with.

The offer applies not only to those who have broken off with a Christmas bonus and already spent all the money on Christmas gifts, but just the original dudes who love to amaze their friends and family.

Bearded, we turn to you! Don’t be the gray shadow for a beard is no surprise. Decorate your attractive vegetation, arrange a feast on your face!

You can dye your beard green, but it’s not necessary: you can simply decorate it with toys, reindeer, pine needles and other Christmas paraphernalia. So, look, finally, the Christmas decorating options to your beard.

Of course, this is just fun, as you can see, not serious advice. But if you want to surprise and amuse your friends and family – go for it!

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