Decent ways to attract attention


Most often our actions due to the fact that we just want to attract attention. This is a relatively decent behavior, though, as you look at it. Often we dress in branded apparel, bright clothes, but it is able to hold someone else’s attention only for a short time. Are there ways to attract attention for a long time?

1. Just be real. Be true to yourself

Unfortunately, some people really live as if in someone else’s shoes. The feeling is that this shoes or are they too tight or too big. If you haven’t been myself, I believe that you would not be. If you’re not who you say you are, then you are not! That is simple nonsense!

2. Care about people

At least interested in them, it is nice. But don’t do it through force and deceit is pretty easy to identify, you believe me! If you seriously don’t care about people, they will take care of you. Love and kindness begets love and kindness. And so on and so forth.

3. Make others feel good

People rarely remember what you did but they will always remember how you made them feel.

4. Be honest and take responsibility for their actions

No one likes liars. In the long run the truth always reveals itself. In any case, your actions will have a negative impact on your life in the future.

5. Smile more often

This does not mean that you need to walk the streets with the face of the protagonist of the film Bondarchuk «Inhabited island». All nice genuine smile. Think how nice when you meet eyes with a nice girl, a total stranger, and she smiles at you. Here’s a smile lifts the mood of the people. It’s nice to do good deeds!

6. Respect your elders. Respect of minors. Give respect to all

This does not mean that you should be very proud of every person you’ve met on your way. Just give them a second chance, man! No need to despise students because they are students (although many deserve it). In General, age does not matter. Stupid and childish you can be at least 20, at least 50. Such a life! People will notice that you’re a man of broad views and wide soul.

7. Refer to people by their first name

People love the look and sound of their own name. So make sure you remember their names. Use them both in oral and written communication: it politely.

8. Say «please» and «thank you»

These two simple words make you sound requirements as requests. In addition, they provide friendly tone of serious conversations. Their use delineates the rude and sincere gratitude. Besides, do not forget that some people take very seriously the presence or absence of these words in the language. Often «please» and «thank you», or rather the lack of them sensitive girls, but personally, I met one bro which to me is still offended that I didn’t tell him «thank you» for some crap. This behavior is well shows what kind of people, but not for us to judge them.

9. To achieve excellence in what you do

All great men are distinguished by the fact that you could surprisingly well to perform some thing. What company can quickly attract attention when people find out you’re good at something. Really good! If you draw, you have to try to do it as best as possible so that everyone could say that you’re good at this. If you want to play poker and play it well. In doing this, in short, and starts talking, for sure. But don’t forget about work. In it, you must also give, subject, of course, that she’s not exhausting. To people who have interests and are doing something high quality, good attitude, and with the soul, with great respect, because such people are VERY few.

10. Help others when you can

We get what we invest. If you have a positive impact on someone’s life, you also have a positive impact on their own lives. Make for someone you love, something good, and it makes you happy though, because you’ll be proud for their actions. Everyone values the gift of unexpected assistance, and you need all the help I will, if someone you helped, not really m…K. And what to help them?

11. Stick to their promises

And don’t let those who accomplish not. Some people try to fill themselves by giving promises that are hardly ever able to perform, because they are above their capabilities. Smart people do anyway. Make promises that are below your capabilities — so you can surprise people and to seem modest to small. Nobody likes the arrogance of the proud, but dudes who silently doing something and doing it well, love everything. Maybe jealous, but at least treat with respect.

12. Be organized

First, girls love those who have everything on the shelves. They give the impression of reliability. The organization helps you better know your life and leave power for some things. Thank organized person is well worth it. Just don’t overthink it, or you’ll turn into a nerd.

13. Listen to what others have to say

Pretend that you sincerely listen to them. Sometimes it is useful. Eyes focused, ears tuned, mobile phone off (Yes, I know it’s not easy). In a world that can’t move fast enough, someone who can find time to listen to others, will always be beneficial to stand out from the crowd.

14. Be faithful to your other half

Despite the fact that some bro’s believe that the change of friends — a sign of the alpha male, in the long term the situation is different. Golf star tiger woods with his adventures left, which I personally know from the series South Park is undoubtedly famous. Only he had to apologize to his wife in public, isn’t it? Womanizer is perceived negatively not only for women, especially when he’s not 20-25 years. It seems society is infantile and petulant child. Dude, who were girls, even a lot, but who is now in permanent long term relationship and faithful to him, looks pretty good. Persistent faithfulness in long-term intimate relationships is not only impressive, but also creates a healthy Foundation for everything you do.

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