Dead people at work

Lack of motivation at work is one of the key reasons for the failure of their professional position. Low productivity, nervous disorders, depression is already the end. And it is difficult to manage this, particularly if in the workplace you are surrounded by people who are far from motivation. They just sit time to wait and, in essence, do not work and do not want to work. These people create a background that change your perception. It’s tough suffering from it your career. And although we understand that the main contribution to such a working environment makes the enterprise itself, we hope that you will show vigilance: protect yourself from the «dead people» that have surrounded you and begin to approach.

1. Zombies

The most common subspecies of the dead. He died a long time ago, perhaps long before the time when you got a job working in this place. Their brains barely work at all, limbs and bodies falling on the office floor, and the work collapses, spilling into pieces as their skin. They come around 9 a.m. and leave at 5-6 PM. Between these hours, they almost do nothing. They just stay in one place. Beware of them – like virus is extremely contagious, especially in economic crises.

2. Champions

These better look very busy. They are looking at their computer screens, emit sighs and exhalations. It seems their work is full of energy, but as a rule, Champions are doing something for themselves and not for the employer. It can be profitable to use these characters, if you can find in their technological dexterity and multi-tasking some work. Otherwise it is useless.

3. The Complainants

Annoying, Yes. You can tell by the comment: «Why can’t I improve?»; «Under my Desk to ask. Do something! And over the table warm, hot and humid!»; «Why do I always buy sugar»; «Why has no one cleaned the coffee maker?!» and blah-blah-blah. The list is actually endless. They will complain, moan and try to break away the rest of the team who will only get irritated. Unfortunately, the «Complainants» never comes to mind, what if they’d shown a bit of initiative, would have coped with all the problems. Even received a raise!

4. Socially dependent

They’re probably late for work, miss the bus and find thousands of obvious reasons for this. In fact, everything is easier: the dead hooked on my account and tzatiki. Even at work most of the time they will spend on social media. Some of them spend hours talking on the phone, when all boils working life. Sometimes, the «dependent» look busy, but don’t be fooled – they are busy does not work.

5. Lost

Difficult group of the dead, but not hopeless. If you see a dude with an expression of surprise on his face, always ask: «what’s the matter?» Otherwise you risk to see someone spend hours aimlessly walks in a circle, muttering something under his breath, remembering something. They may not very attentive, but otherwise no problems.

6. Infected

They are constantly out of the office. Dudes are sick, and illness often occur on Fridays and Mondays. No, accept that dudes can have a bouquet of real diseases, but we also assume that this is no bouquet, despite the fact that they love to talk about their diseases. All will tell, will convince all. Well, except for you.

7. Sloths

Work in an institution where there is no motivation, there is only one simple, she suggests people in the form of the working day, which does not need a lot of effort. If hard work is not valued, not rewarded, why work? On the other hand, we meet a bunch of people generally can not get to work without a good argument. These people do the minimum required and never! And then wonder why the increased of their colleagues, not themselves. Unfortunately, the bedrock of the lazy dudes rarely change. The day will come and they will have to leave the walls of your enterprise. But it won’t be a great loss to you.

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