David Lynch, about which we only guess

manygoodtips.com_8.09.2016_JkZ9FEeS7Q37nMan of mystery universal scale, is the author of 11 feature films and 15 short films, a beautiful 3 series that we still can’t forget (let me go, «twin Peaks») and a mysterious cartoons and stunning clips. There’s just one thing… No, not man, is too small a word, in the end, even aggressive drunks and regional makers of advertising also called people. It is better to use the word Creator and that Creator David Lynch.

No matter in what form you apply the material, whether avant-garde films, television series, Comedy or menestrina. Much more important to hide behind the form of some kind of mystery that envelop the film an aura of mystery, to create a maze from which it is difficult to find a way out. Lynch himself is no less mysterious than his films. He gathers home the corpses of animals, engaged in the transcendental meditation and puts it in the coffee to ten spoons of sugar, arguing that with the sweet his ideas for new films. But other than that he is very versatile personality to speak of him only as a Director.I look at the world and everywhere see the absurdity. People do strange things, so strange that we manage to ignore them. Why I love coffee shops — there is all in the mind.

Childhood pure eyes

With a childhood spent in American Ust-Sagaponack called Missoula, located in the still wild, but the United Montana, David was drawn to things mysterious, incomprehensible and especially the unusual. To see in what condition was the head of Lynch at the time of his childhood, look at «twin Peaks», whose woodland deducted from the homeland of the Director, and the whole riddle and mystery taken from the head.

Hobbies the boy was also quite peculiar. Most of all he was interested in the dead animals, which he could admire for hours. Apparently, comprehended the mystery of death.

Otherwise he was very pleasant, young and rosy-cheeked boy who loved to go to the morgue and observe dissected cadavers and human organs. He stared at the dead, was fond of taking pictures of amputated limbs and decaying body parts. David loved the parables and stories about the afterlife and the living dead, in which they believe, as a child, and to this day.

What the artist lost planet

manygoodtips.com_8.09.2016_naOX6DQyykw9IIntending to become a painter, in 1963 he enrolled in Corcorans school of art in Washington. At this step it prompted the work of the Austrian expressionist Oskar Kokoschka. In early 1966 he moved to Philadelphia, where he started the Pennsylvania Academy of the fine arts. To this period belong his first cinematic experiences — in 1967, Lynch takes one-minute animated film with an elegant name of «Six figures puking» on 16-millimeter film promote mutual understanding polarisational «Alphabet», which became one of the most famous anthologies of avant-garde cinema.

But back to business art. During his life he created more than 500 works: oil painting on canvas, photography, sculpture, lithographs, and more. To describe them is meaningless, they just need to see once.

By the way, from 1992 to 1993, Lynch created his own comic strip called «The angry dog in the World». It was very profitable to be called a masterpiece.

Lynch as a musician

Many filmmakers are making music that will surprise nobody, but in our case everything went too far.

Lynch was fond of music. While everyone was making plans about the baseball career and was thinking of how to persuade classmates to sin in the back of dad’s pickup truck, Lynch played the trumpet, listening to Shostakovich and rock-n-roll and dreamed of his professional recording Studio, but not for the creation of rock hits, but in order to experiment with melodies and noises. Since in all his paintings, the music takes a very important place, setting even greater mystery and atmosphere. Over time, he even got his own composer Alan Spleen (he wrote the music for «the Head-Lastik», «Duni», «Blue velvet»), with whom they were looking for the sound in the most improbable places: recording the hum of air conditioners, hiss, dissolving in a glass of water pills, buzzing melting piece of sugar, put on a hot light bulb, and planned to build an experimental sound generator.

In 1997, Lynch carried out the dream: I invited architects, which he ordered the construction of a music Studio, which came up with the name «Asymmetrical». Was elevated 45 cm thick walls, between which was an air pillow in a little over two inches. Everything was done in order to produce a warm tube sound was «original» purity. Lynch purchased the most advanced machinery, but did not realize one thing, he doesn’t know how to handle miles of cable and a million buttons on the mixer.

But suddenly there was the guy who had the sound engineer John Neff, and with the words: «let me help you, shaggy» was to pull the handle and implement the idea of the film, which resulted in the album «Bluevob» in honor of the main villain of «twin peaks».

manygoodtips.com_8.09.2016_rweYdNgr0hEcqImpressionable Lynch says that when the first chords the audience are frightened, their hair lengthened by ten centimeters, a facial skin is stretched. Adequate Neff just called it «factory of the year» or «manual Blues». In fact, it was a perfect duet — Lynch, which thinks differently from other musicians, and professional Neff, who with the help of linczevskii music expresses feelings, emotions, instinctive impulses and simply provides a chaotic set of ideas of healthy form.

The lyrics are also Lynch. Sometimes they can be written 30 years ago the text that is stored at Lynch in a strange box. The lyrics are simple, all about women, women’s sweaters, cars with lights extinguished, barking people about the beautiful wildlife of Los Angeles.

It seems to me that with the release of their first album, I created a new sound world that took sound film, footage notes which exist in the invisible score space of your imagination. I use my guitar as a generator of sound effects. A if you ask me, what inspired me to record the first album, answer this: old factories, dirty, smoky and thoroughly rusted. Fire, steam, electricity… I love these immobile organisms, the silent years and destroyed by time. I think of them I bring them for music…So the Maestro became a musician. After the release of the film «Mulholland Drive» Director decided to leave the cinema and spend all the time in music and painting. Lynch took part in the project Dark Night Of The Soul, musicians Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse. In addition, he acted as the producer and lyricist of the album called Fox Bat Strategy: A Tribute to Dave Jaurequi, which was released June 30, 2009, and shot a video for the song… Well, that’s another story. First of all I must say he is so cool electronics.

In the case of commercial

In 1990, the year comes the film that glorified Nicolas cage and brought Lynch the Palme d’or. The film was called «Wild at heart» and represented a rather strange crime drama, the main decoration of which, of course, was the soundtrack — hits of all time «Wicked Game» performed by another darkly melancholic romance, left the soul in the age of surf-rock of Chris Isaak. In fact, the song became a hit after she laid eyes Lynch. Dark purring crying Isaac was perfect for the film and the enclosed contractor’s Director found a kindred spirit. But it took him a clip, which many considered the most beautiful in history. Black and white tones, played on the shore of Isaac and even more beautiful model Helena Christensen, accelerated footage floating clouds. Like anything special, but in black and white clip read anxiety, as a kind of mourning about a broken love, which is sung in the clip.

At the end of «zero», when Lynch began to muzykantova much more than to make movies, he made a video for the Moby song «Shot In The Back Of The Head» and the video for the song PII «Came Back Haunted», which it is better not to watch fellow epileptics.

In addition, as a real modern artist, he from time to time went into Commerce, removing the ads for Japanese coffee Georgia in the style of «twin Peaks» based on love agent Dale Cooper’s «damn good coffee», Alka-Seltzer, and even pasta and sauces Barilla. Here is such a wide range of talents in one man. Well, to think about money even more rarely, he founded his own firm for the production of coffee «David Lynch Signature Cup». Although it is done out of love, and pure love to this hot drink. Lynch believes coffee is a great visual stimulant.

Dreams that come up with movies

There is nothing surprising in the fact that all of his films resemble a journey through the depths of someone’s subconscious. Because the Lynch more than thirty years engaged in meditation according to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the early 2000s, actively began to preach all over the world. And in 2009 wrote a book called «big fish», in which he expounded his attitude to meditation and personal perception of the world. Now he is riding around the world, lecturing about transcendental meditation and explains how it helps him in his work on the film.

Inspiration and «twin Peaks»

Every great artist has his own source of inspiration. Someone inspires sodomy, someone’s death, someone women, and Lynch pleases sugar. Just sugar. Thanks sticky crystals Lynch became so popular in Russia. It’s not the author’s whim, and regularity.

Lynch puts in a Cup of ten spoons, and then one day after eating another incredibly sweet Cup of coffee in a typical small American cafes struck a spark of inspiration. Right in front of the window of the establishment was brought down to death the cyclist, whose body the doctors Packed in a plastic bag. Here is a combination of death, sugar, and life circumstances engendered in the Director’s mind the seed that with proper care, grew up in the TV series «twin Peaks». Well, Russia was deeply do not care about the thoughtful and enigmatic masterpieces of Lynch, while on the TV of the year 1993-1994-m did not show the series. Since then began «Cinemania» that has not subsided to this day.

By the way, Lynch filmed only the first 6 episodes. Due to falling ratings, it was decided to move on without him, then the show has slipped in a slow fecal muck.

When I finished the «twin Peaks», I felt sadness. I couldn’t bring myself to leave his world. I was in love with Laura Palmer and her contradictions: brilliant on the surface and dying on the inside. I wanted to see how she lives, moves, speaks.

Surrealist great movie

manygoodtips.com_8.09.2016_ezntpISVDU9kMIn the films of Lynch reality and dreams intertwine, forcing the viewer not only to watch and origenate from what is happening, but to think to understand what is the reason. He was never in a hurry. «Eraserhead» was he doing 5 years, and since his children were very hungry, Lynch had to deliver Newspapers. This artist does not shy away from work.

Tape furor, and even entered into the register of cultural heritage of America. And most importantly, tape struck to the heart of the colleagues, managed to earn a status. One of them was George Lucas, until tired of his «star» child. Amazed by the philosophical depth of the picture, he invited Lynch to shoot «return of the Jedi». But Lynch need the freedom to pursue someone else’s child and to remove by someone else’s rules, he can not (but knows how to film great works), so was forced to deny Lucas. How would it look on the sixth episode, take it off the Lynch? He would have looked no less iconic, but less popular fiction story «dune», which influenced the genre of science fiction no less than the drugs on the health of Jimmy Hendrix.

The main films mystery in the career of Lynch and remains «Mulholland Drive» and «Highway vnikuda». By the way, many believe that it is the same two stories. But the only problem is that they cannot be looking for fun, can I think. Although many believe that without the interpreter of dreams to understand these stories, which are reminiscent of «Faust» in the story, is impossible. Although many watch «Mulholland Drive» exclusively for one incredibly aesthetic sex scenes in the lesbian tones.Though Lynch has proven he can make movies, someone else’s fans «»Bitter» 1 and 2, and simple stories, proved the same film. His wife wrote a script about a real American pensioner, who went to his brother on a lawnmower. Wife got Lynch requests to recognize his genius, he got angry and took off. The story of how the old left in the night on the lawn, came atypical for the Director, but very good. Unfortunately, people do not understand why the guru of dreams takes simple stories, even about strange people.

Heavy guy

Thank God that you’re not his son, to live with him in agony. The geniuses look good, but not up close. What else to expect from a man who claims to be the only writer with whom he feels a real kinship, there is Kafka.

Work.com.ua_8.09.2016_JA5kcrvdaOZ3HDuring the creation of «the Head-Lastik» Lynch sought inspiration in an artistic carving on a live cat. And one of his wives, Mary Sweeney, told me that he caught once her husband in his workshop, where he was sitting, injuring his hand and watching as her blood flows. And once he does, as a joke, I went for bread and came back a few days. So among his many wives was a large turnover. But he’s a hero-lover, who, according to his confession, was in love with the corpse of Laura Palmer certainly knows about love more than that.

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