Dating are waiting for you in any relationship

manygoodtips.com_3.06.2014_6cOpmyouLy0tnPreviously, the issue was solved very simply — marriage. Often, the newlyweds were not asked whether they want to be together, their parents have agreed between themselves and married descendants. In even more ancient times a man could kidnap his bride and thus to marry and no one had to ask.

Those days are long gone, and now even for trivial relations, it is necessary to develop strategy, tactics and plan of attack. Think of it as military operations, where instead of shooting the phone calls, SMS, messages in social networks and, of course, meetings. Would you go to war aimlessly and not having a clue about what is happening, as if you’re not a soldier, as a tourist? Of course not! This war offers you eight types of dates. We’ll tell you about each of them.

Phase 1: you invite her for a drink. It is inexpensive and puts you in a relaxed atmosphere. You do not know each other, and bar is a great place to fix it. No sane guy does not want to throw away a few thousand in an expensive restaurant, to realize no chemistry between you is not.

Phase 2: cheap lunch. Even if you are rich, do not hurry to lead her in a four-star restaurant with white table cloths, old waiters and special workers who look at you in the bathroom. You need to choose not the most fashionable restaurant, and one that is in trend. Look on the Internet and show her that you are aware of the latest trends. Much more important to choose fashionable than respectable place. In the end, it’s not a dinner in honor of her birthday!

Phase 3: an unusual date. Bar and restaurant — this is a standard set, but you need to show that you have the ACE in the hole. Just don’t let her see the real trick: she probably will not like. We can offer you a picnic in the Park, a trip to a sports game, a walk with ice cream, concert, Comedy club, trip to the flea market — sure you have the idea worse.

Phase 4: Breakfast or brunch. Ask her out for Breakfast or brunch — and she will appreciate it. This date will give you the opportunity to change the usual order of things: it is impossible to meet her only in the evening! This date will give you the feeling of a real relationship, and at the same time you can be sure that she is not a vampire. If she refuses to brunch, she’s either a vampire or a nerd. Neither you don’t need.

Phase 5: movie. At first, the relationships in the movie better not to go, otherwise you will be doomed to sit in the dark, not saying a word. Later in the relationship you will have plenty of time to proignoriruesh each other and ponadobitsa in heavy silence, do not rush! Now you need to get to know each other. You’d better bring her to watch a movie from you. Wine is a great addition to any movie, girls do love the movie. Since you are not going to extra people, you will be able to easily talk and joke during the movie and also cuddle without feeling the inconvenience. The main thing — to choose the right film. You need something does not require the inclusion of one hundred percent attention. Better clichéd romantic Comedy than «Schindler’s List».

Phase 6: not drinking at the bar. Now you’re used to each other and you just a date and a relationship. What’s the difference? Is that now the relationship will continue only until such time until one of you decides to stop them. Thus, trips to the bar for drinks are optional, but drinking in a nice place is a good way to spend an unusual night. You can grab a bottle of wine and climb onto the roof to drink beer by a pond, looking West, or to SIP from a flask of brandy, taking a walk through the Park. Any date combines alcohol and unusual places in different proportions, will delight you and her. So you will not only adventure, but also to save.

Phase 7: get her out of her comfort zone. A bit more exciting than number three on this list. Now with you girl is comfortable and convenient — make him regret it! Do something before her have ever had to do and that probably scares her. Scare her, so she grabbed you with his hands in search of protection — so everyone wins! At this point it is difficult to offer specific options, you need to know about her fears. Walk at night through an unfamiliar area, go karts, go paint balling, etc.

Phase 8: show your true colors. You did it. You can be interesting, thoughtful and knows how to entertain a young man. How long can you keep this image? It’s time to let her know that your relationship will consist entirely of sitting on the roof with wine and ice skating. On this date you will watch stupid TV shows, sitting on the couch all day and getting up only to open the door for the pizza guy. If you don’t like it in this home date, she is not worth your efforts.

We wish you to cope with each stage!

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