Dark Energy Camera. Here’s the camera, dude. 570 megapixels!

The existence of «dark energy» is one of the main modern scientific mysteries. Because approximately 70 percent of the density of the Universe is completely invisible, and detect it with the help of modern means of surveillance impossible. Here for research in this area and created the most powerful camera on the planet, which makes images with a resolution of 570 megapixels. Modern photographers is enough matrices at 10-20 megapixels which has the vast majority of current cameras. Professionals use full-frame vehicles with a little more feasible solution. However, in one of the research centers in Chile recently launched a camera 570 megapixels. Of course, this is a record created by the device was not in order to take photos for social networking, blogging and advertising. It has developed the world’s best scientists and engineers for research into deep Space, and this camera is part of the Victor Blanco telescope. Itself this camera called the Dark Energy Camera, the maximum stresses its purpose. The device is designed for studies of distant galaxies in order to identify the answer to the question why the speed of Universe expansion is accelerating. Because this acceleration is the basis of the mysteries of «dark energy». Such things here, friend.

As expected, using the camera of the Dark Energy Camera, scientists will be able to see in a single shot to 100 thousand galaxies separated from earth at a distance of about 8 billion light-years. This fact makes the mentioned device is the most powerful ever created by the Human research tools. It is planned that in five years of operation of this device, the Dark Energy Camera will shoot about 1/8 part of the sky, registering thereby about 300 million galaxies and many other space objects, observation of which before was impossible. It can not capture the imagination, dude.


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