Daniel Radcliffe, who has long ceased to be Harry Potter

manygoodtips.com_13.10.2016_t7uWBPiNnk5hdI am no longer a child star and adult actor. Don’t forget, fans of «Potter» grew with me and now I want to watch adult movies.Daniel Radcliffe is not some dude from Salsk, Dan Radcliffe is a very nice guy with great acting talent. Some of it was annoying in the first Harry Potter. Similar to the illegitimate daughter Kai Metov and Princess Diana, with emotions as autistic and acting as the seed, this boy has aroused the envy of all children. While many of his peers focus on acting talent wasn’t the main thing that the film was a fine tale as the original, but Chris Columbus has managed to capture the atmosphere, which at the time were fascinated by all the book Rowling. And now I look and realize that dubowski «navels» it looks better than the original. Although the only thing that has changed is the story, and then some.

Then Daniel grew up together with him ROS and Harry. And let the next films he was older than his character, as, indeed, and his red-haired friend Rupert Grint, who is remembered for his facial expression, known as the «Collapse of the Weasley gravy» (surprised, frightened mug, which he built, and when the mouth climbed slugs, and when Volan de mort, and when he saw slicked Hermione to the Yule ball with Bulgarian). But with each piece they cope with their tasks better and better, although Hermione was still head and shoulders above. Actually, only Emma Watson was destined for greatness in cinema, and the older was Hermione, the more everyone got to spit on other characters. And that all knew what the outcome of the book, Bonnie Wright (played Ginny Weasley), were, so to speak, for an Amateur, to look at tantrums conjure men and women of different age groups are tired, but to see the beautiful flower of Britain was very interesting.

Over time, the butterbeer turned into disco, «Nimbus» has turned into a rotten stick, the Oxford case has ceased to be processed in Hogwarts and the whole magical fairy tale turned to dust, like a wall, which simultaneously hit the farting Hagrid and a curse, «Avada Kedavra». Have forgotten how to wait for a new part of «Harry Potter», so the news that Rowling sat behind the writing of new books, not particularly excited the public. Much more interesting was the news that in the Broadway musical «Harry Potter» Hermione was played by a black actress.

Crazy Harry Potter remained only in fanfiction and pornofanatic, where immature minds are concerned about painted sexy adventures of Harry and Malfoy, and sometimes Snape. And Daniel still at the hearing, talking about him more than about Emma Watson. And moreover, nobody will come to call him Harry Potter, although it’s only been 5 years since the last film. Mark Hamill is already 39 years old Luke Skywalker, as Radcliffe has already broken the charm «the actors in one role.» And he gives much more reason to talk about themselves in glowing terms, than the vaunted Watson. And look at it was somehow pleasant. Although he almost never watches those films, which starred, because he doesn’t like himself on the screen.

By the way, who can remember Dan in yet another repulsive role of the child. It was in ‘ 99, when he played a little of David Copperfield, in the eponymous film based on the novel of Dickens. But about it and say nothing, and do not really want. The movie was great, and the son of the famous book agent (i.e. Dan) is so-so.

manygoodtips.com_13.10.2016_aiohLJ8AuAs6SActually, judging by the interview, Dan comes across as a very nice, funny and handsome guy: listens to The Killers, RHCP, the Pixies and The Clash, plus he plays bass, which is not bad, does mocks himself and the others, playfully claims that fanfiction about him with Malfoy — only fanfiction. But parents are seriously worried that he will become a degenerate and disgrace the glorious name.

First, shlyayas on filming (many of which took place in the USA), he shamelessly was missing school. Secondly, he hardly turned out to be a good student. All because there is a congenital disease, which is manifested in the fact that people can not make precise mechanical movement. Because of the illness of Daniel, for example, hard fast and legible writing. At school he was making slow progress, so could easily go into acting. As they say, «I don’t know what to do, do not know how to go or the actors or Directors (mark Zakharov). Although Dan himself at the time of the riot of hormones and approaching adulthood, I began, like you and me, dear reader, frantically to sort out in my head the employment options. He was especially attracted to the career of a cricketer, but the cinematic nozzle greedily sucked the guy in my belly.

Parents are still very frightened by the fact that the guy is afraid of being buried alive and nuclear war, but all his fears: someone, for example, is afraid of pigeons. But really he’s a normal guy. Because all normal people like most about the third book in the magical series — «Prisoner of Azkaban», which equally mixes the Thriller and fairy tale.By the way, about the riot of hormones. Somewhere in the 16 crew was starting to get tired Dan, who suddenly discovered comic gift. The usual thing for him was to ask artists to draw him a black eye or throw cheek capsule with fake blood. He then rushed on the ground, spitting blood and fell to the floor. Directors and producers are in shock — it’s all shooting should be carried. Then Dan wanted to become a punk rock star, to grow a Mohawk and jump on stage as Sid of Vishez, but a contract’s a contract, and eventually hated the hairstyle of the banker and covers his skull.

Well, both of them not to make a joke, if they laughed over 45 doubles attempts to kiss his partner who played the role of Zhou Chang. I remember after that is over it not joking just lazy.

Because of such quirks are typical of a young actor he predicted a future Macaulay Culkin, the more the image of «boy who lived» got more than the musicians performing the song Europa The Final Countdown. With great joy he adrenodoxin its own Genesis in the TV series «Extras», appearing in the image of the young star of children’s films with unbridled lust and a huge ego. There he argued the 40-year-old statistics that knows how to use a condom by the public display thereof in the acting room. And his character also played some magic shit.

manygoodtips.com_13.10.2016_L0OTvLul4iIpnIn 2007, to somehow erase the image, he took part in a controversial project in his life — the play «MCUs». Not only that, on stage, the actor, who used to perceive as a performer roles in «children’s» films, naked — contradictory presentation added its themes. According to Director’s idea, the hero of Radcliffe gets from riding sexual pleasure and even loses her virginity in the course of action of the play. The naked Daniel Radcliffe excited the public like the articles in which the words «committed suicide» in connection with the new amendments, writing «made a few». Even drunk Hermione tumbled out carelessly and her vagina has not done so much noise.

But the more the public was surprised when I found out that under the pseudonym Jacob Gershon actor publishes his poems on the theme of pop idols, infidelity, relationships with prostitutes and seducing women. He knew about prostitutes young man who, according to rumors, earned 35 million? Probably, a lot.

As a result, large fees had played a trick on him. Daniel wanted to know the taste of fame and decided to devote himself to the pleasures of life, in particular, enhanced of alcoholism. Sometimes he even found the strength to go to a football match of his beloved Fulham, but more booze and happy life until my mother gave bream, and then he stopped. Now Dan says it no longer is «drink shit».

Gathering thoughts and having said goodbye with «potteriana», he started to work on a new image of actor Dan Radcliffe, acting in the film adaptation of «memoirs of a young doctor». According to his confession, he likes Bulgakov, especially «Master and Margarita». And then I realized that the more diverse and absurd will be the role, the easier it will be.

Struck me in the book «the Master and Margarita» everything. I think this is the best stream and compilation of all aspects of existing in the world. This story excites the mind and surpasses the imagination. You know, I’m an atheist, this is for me the most suitable concept of religion that I can imagine. And «Master and Margarita» in this sense is a terrific book, universal, answers a lot of questions. It would be great to do a movie and a TV series. I’m a real fan!And here, as they say, rushed. He shows off the horns in «Horns», plays something that is similar to the Valery Leontiev in «Victor Frankenstein» that appears in «the Illusion of deception». Removed Dan a lot and accept even small roles. In an average year it comes out 3 movies, and in parallel, he works in the theater. Rumor has it that elders (also known Hollywood actors) I love a funny guy Dan. By the way, he’s still friends with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, more often going out with Malfoy than astonishing young fans. He’s just no end to all the fun and loves to tell jokes partners during sex scenes — a real male. Even with Helena Bonham-Carter in it to this day, a warm relationship, because she killed his godfather movie Gary Oldman, with whom he has relations so-so.

Poradi.yak.ua_13.10.2016_El6R58tvn483RI must say that in a weird movie he get the best role. Take the same «Horns» or «Man fart», known to a wide audience under the name «Man Swiss army knife». If this film makes someone doubt his talent and a huge future, even if they tucked themselves into the trachea and going to see «Pregnant». Radcliffe played great body on fart-powered rescues his new friend, that doubts about the talent may not arise. The corpse makes a person, that person teaches the corpse of the rules of this crazy world, and together they understand his madness and bestiality. A very touching story in which some phimosis minds found exclusively «gay and Pookie», was perhaps his best painting at the moment. By the way, some believe that Dan and likes to swear clay, because he participated in the company for the protection of the rights of gays and lesbians, but no, it was tolerance and no more.

Want a more serious work? See «the Tipping point», a film about slackers-businessman and in combination the President of Rockstar Games, defending video games. Few have seen Sam Houser, but it’s hard to convince myself that he is not the hero of Radcliffe, this simply can not be.

Or does the new film «Absolute power», where is proud of its Jewish roots Dan plays a member of a neo-Nazi group. Well, the FBI agent who joined the neo-Nazi group. If you want to see Dan fierce and harsh (even stricter than Elijah wood of «Green street Hooligans») as ever, and even with a different haircut, but still great to play, the film is definitely worth a look.It is still unclear when the moment came, when a guy whose destiny is to follow uninteresting, it turned into a media guy, whose career involuntarily worried. I want to wish him good luck and good roles. However, he became a fan of his profession, and carefully does everything to become a good actor. The future is in good hands, he’s still only 27 years old, and he will justify the trust given to him even the story of the boy who lived.

And in the spring of 2012 Radcliffe has arrived in Russia for a few days and during the interview said: «Say Putin was angry when I heard that it is similar to my elf from the movie». It was then remembered on long-forgotten pictures that compare the two idols of men.

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