Dances that are not held in high esteem by brutal men

«Men don’t dance. They work, toil, drink but don’t dance,» as reported in its songs of DJ groove.

But more dudes are recorded in the dance school bachata or Argentine tango. Here you can touch the charming stranger on absolutely legal grounds, and if the hand should slip just below a certain, always can be attributed to the fact that steady rhythm. Dancing boys have always evoked lively interest from the opposite sex, but there are those dance genres that are causing concern for the average modern man.

Perhaps the perception of dance affected our mentality, because if you believe the old saying goes, man should be powerful, hairy and smelly and a little nicer monkeys. But not to shake your ass on stage in women’s clothes and makeup. But it’s still art, whether we like it or not.

1. Indian dance


India is not only the source of the masterpieces of cinema, that can hit even the most imaginative, but also recognized as the «cradle» of the dance. No need for words — dance! No need for fights — dance! Dance until, until you wither five, and dance on his hands!

The ancient myths of this country talk about the divine origin of dance, and their Creator was none other than Shiva or Nataraja (King of dance).

In Ancient India dance was an obligatory part of a religious ritual, and to this day the dance is aimed at immersing the viewer in a state of ecstasy. The beauty of the girls in bright saris, who hypnotize their graceful movements of the hands, look straight in the eye, it is able that ecstasy to cause. But slender man with bright makeup and colored trousers or skirts… it’s not for everybody. The main goal is to show the beauty of his body, but courage is not the external qualities, and certain gestures that Express the meaning of the word «courage» represent the masculine. And it is fundamentally different aesthetics.

2. Men’s bèllidèns


Male belly dancing was known in ancient centuries. In Turkey, then part of the Ottoman Empire, this art form was very common. Dancers performed in the female, the lush robes, the ones called «tavþan oglan», which pleased the eye for traditional dancing, the other was called «kecak» and they could give odds to any modern dancers of this genre.

By the way, performance of dancers were paid much higher than women’s. What can I say, one day he saw a man in trousers, decorated with beads, Swarovski crystals and other tinsel, you’re unlikely to forget it. To this dance of creativity can be treated differently, but one can say that it is persistently gaining popularity, viewers and fans. We are tolerant, though, of course, makes me want to vomit from whom the spectacle.

3. Ballet


In the second half of the 18th century, all of the ballet troupe consisted exclusively of men. It really is high art for the most refined and sophisticated audience. The men in white tights, with gel hair and bright emotions in powdered individuals that will not leave anyone indifferent. Incredible jumps, plie, saute, FLIC-flyaki in some, particularly impressionable girls, this heart goes to the heel, and men develop an inferiority complex. Who knows, maybe they are stuck rolled-up socks into the front of his tights, but maybe not…

4. Male Striptease


One learns a strip of plastics if wants to surprise the lady of his heart or to start earning it. Of course, all professions are important, all professions are needed, but in the leading the top men’s classes dance pole is not on the top lines. In any case, this is a good occasion to see if there is something to show, and for others to see. Plus, earn good money for not very dusty work.

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