Dan Bilzerian — cards, money, beard

manygoodtips.com_14.05.2014_4NjJ7AEAdNxE2This strange man and incredible. We assure you that every man wants to live as lives the hero of this article: to have a lot of money, a personal fleet of vehicles, a helicopter, a couple of hundred hot women, collection of weapons, loyal cat, and almost traversed the training program Navy seal. And where are the opportunities? Game in movie, poker and shooting porn. In other words, Dan Bilzerian is a hero generation, which strives for the image of a real alpha male.

Dan 32 years old, he was the son of the influential American trader on wall street Bilzerian Floor. In the family of our hero have a huge personal house and five aircraft. Obviously, the initial capital for gambling at Bilzerian was, although it is equally clear that, had not the bearded man some no talent, he would not earn $ 100 million. The money our hero multiplies the investment and matches in indoor tournaments.


Father Dan was often accused of fraud. Tax actively flipped through the case and found something to complain about: Sex Bilzerian put in jail for a few months. At the moment the future of playboy was only eight years old. The town in which lived the family of our hero, was small and the kids at school quickly learned about the misfortune that befell the family. Of course, began the jokes and bullying. Bilzerian did not pay attention to their studies and peers, because active in sports. In the house, left over from dad was a huge basketball court, a Boxing ring for fighting, Billiards and other cool things.

The first time Paul’s father served eight months. The second time he was put, when the hero was in the army. His father believed that much easier to serve in prison than to give up a fortune, but Dan thought otherwise. The son spent a fortune on collateral and lawyers to bring my dad home. In addition, he had to abandon the third property, since the FBI was actively blackmailing the family of our hero. After he failed to return to his father in the bosom of the family, had an unpleasant: Paul wasn’t talking to my child more than six months.

Paul declared himself bankrupt, but many still don’t believe it. Probably tricky dad sent the money somewhere in Switzerland on closed accounts. Dodgy smart father explain the presence of Dan cheating such incredible instincts. Paul, who fought in Vietnam, gave his son real well-preserved M-16 rifle, which inspired little Bilzerian unreal love real weapons. However, in the future it is unpleasant backfired dude — he was arrested for possession of weapons. Because of this incident, bearded man was expelled from the College.


Trying to send my son to University was not marked by success. Future poker player flew from one institution, then another. The guy has only secondary education. This fact Bilzerian says, «the Dan». As arms, weight training and other masculine things terribly attracted to this guy, in 1999, he joins the ranks of the detachment of the SEAL, more commonly known as «seals». Dude passed 80 percent of the training and completed the famous «hell week» (actually a hell of a test of endurance that marks the transformation of man into a Navy seal). In the process of learning Dan hurt his leg — it was a bullet. He wanted to send to the reserve, but the dude insisted that it will continue training. While the command was engaged in paperwork to dismiss him was not for that leg of the future poker player time to recover. However, it still fired. But this does not prevent the rich man to try to start training a second time, although his father was opposed. The command would not tolerate willful young man, and again the dude was fired for violation of labor discipline, and a quarrel with the management. Bilzerian himself said that the Sergeant was kicking him for voluntary statements, but believe it or not believe it, decide for yourself. At the same time, father Dan put in jail again, and son has to give a third of the family budget of the FBI.


After the army, Dan discovered the wonderful world of gambling. Dude started playing poker online and quickly achieved success. The first attempt was not successful because Bilzerian played completely drunk at three in the morning. A healthy lifestyle with quality fitness hero this article combines with the extremely unhealthy: he drinks a lot, uses questionable material and questionable food. Dan has already experienced two heart attacks, «recipe» the first attack he gave in an interview. All in the best tradition of «Fear and loathing in Las Vegas»: «Vegas, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, nuclear dose of viagra, sex with multiple girls at the same time, interest rates on the $ 10 000 push-UPS on a dare and Mexican cuisine. It is almost certain that the attack was just because of a fucking burrito». Their way of life Dan has no plans to change, because it is not going to live long.

Aggressive play in poker has helped Dan to win three million for the tournament, lose every penny and sell the property to pay off debts. In major professional competitions Bilzerian almost not involved because he considers them unrealistic, boring.


Despite the fact that professional competition Dan didn’t win, rumor has it that he plays games of chance at private clubs, where would have earnedalarge part of his fortune. In professional poker for more than 10-20 thousand dollars Bilzerian did not put never, so it is unknown where he earned his huge capital. Dan himself is often seen in underground «Fight the poker clubs» in which the main rule is not to tell anyone about the club. Recently, one such place was discovered, and it became clear that partners on the table Bilzerian was Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire.

Lately, Dan is slowly moving away from poker, and when asked why he refused from women of poker or money the player has selected a poker, explaining that in recent time it is not pleasing to the wins and losses are terribly annoying. Women in the life of Dan appeared not so long ago: the studentship he spent in the army and sports, and to meet special never could. However, it is not necessary: pumped fun of the guy with money will always find its own clientele. Waking up a bearded man surrounded by women, but prefers the society of his beloved cat with you everywhere drags. Ridiculous case with the porn star Janice Griffith, whom the bearded man wanted to push into the pool from the roof, does not affect the popularity of the character among female sex. Griffith fell in the pool and on the pavement, breaking his leg. Now she wants to sue a poker player, because he didn’t even apologize for this confusion. His nickname «goat» bearded Dan Bilzerian fully justified. Someone like him who despise it, and someone still.

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