Daily hygiene that you avoid

manygoodtips.com_18.08.2014_NLLKOtWuF1aUlHave you bought a new outfit and added a vocabulary, but all the girls did not want to linger next to him for more than 15 minutes. What is the problem? Well, hell knows, maybe one cool costume is not enough to get the desired girl. Maybe you’re not neat, or well you stink? You should know better.

Of course, you may not even notice the grimace of disgust on the face of the young ladies that you decided to drive up. Be more attentive to their appearance, it concerns not only clothes.

Remember that Sunday morning when dad picked you up early in the morning and enthusiastically told you how to shave and why is it necessary to get rid of these nasty «mustache of the virgin.» With age, you should understand that this is not enough. You will not help liters of eau de Cologne you poured over your sweaty body, you have no idea how disgusting it is, how horrible the scent that you exude in this moment.

Oddly enough, but some people neglect hygiene due to basic laziness. So if you’re one of those — shame on you, dude. Well, if you’re decided to improve, then we will remind you which things you should do regularly to pick up the beauty.



But rather breath. This is one of the most important factors when Dating. She doesn’t care about your fancy suit from the famous designer, if it feels that your breath stinks of dead mammoth. Are you going to whisper in her ear the wonderful sonnets, and she will want only you quickly closed your mouth. So, it is time to quit Smoking tobacco smell from your mouth can be captured at a distance, to say nothing about kissing.

1. Brush

The first thing you need to do is to fork out for kit care teeth. Buy a quality brush, even better electric. If you can find a brush with a timer, forget about it. Set the timer at least 2 minutes. Maybe you didn’t know, but the action of your toothpaste starts just over one minute after the beginning of use.

2. Thread

Regularly use dental floss. You might have heard about the miraculous properties of dental floss. But it only works if you use it regularly. Not only does it save you the piece of chicken. That is stuck between your teeth after lunch, but also freshen your breath and prevent gum disease. Here’s a useful thing.

3. It

Brush your language. Plaque on your tongue not only looks ugly, its presence is one of the main causes of bad odor in your mouth. In order to clean the tongue is not necessary to have a brush with bristles advertised on the reverse side. You can use for these dirty deeds the most ordinary toothbrush. If the cleaning makes you gag reflex, try to breathe at this time the mouth and move the brush from side to side, not back and forth.

4. Something serious

Another unpleasant cause of unpleasant odor in your mouth. It is the presence of traffic jams in the tonsils. It can be when the stuck pieces of food, as you know, it smells like not very nice. In order to know what is this stinking evil you can Google and see pictures.

Now with the help of a mirror find out whether you have in the company such things. If so, then get rid of them by using gargling salt water. But you can remove them with a cotton swab. But it is best to consult a doctor, you might have to remove it through surgery.



You regularly take shower and use various gels and tools from the Arsenal of his girlfriend, but the smell disappears? Well, try to understand.

1. Body

Don’t take a shower every day. Estimate, and you thought the opposite. The problem is that when you bathe every day you’re ruining a natural fat, which provides your body. And now he has to produce more fat to compensate for the loss. So slow down on the baths. The perfect schedule is taking a shower once in two days.

In those days, when you dry law you can use the same dry shampoo. If you’re too lazy to go to the nearest supermarket, prepare it from home. Mix a tablespoon of crushed oat flakes and same amount of baking soda, now put it on the hair roots.

2. Face

There is a cool method to care for skin. Med. So, this natural sweetener will help you with skin problems. Go to the store. Preferably specialized. You need a real med and not what lies on the dusty shelves of the supermarket. When you get in the bath, apply on the face a little bit of honey and start to swim. After you lathered and otmechali whole body, rinse the honey off your face. Honey is a natural moisturizer. It moisturizes without leaving an oily residue. It even has natural antibacterial properties.

3. Feet

You know what? Soapy water in which suffocating your feet while you wash the body is not the process of cleaning feet. Well, they won’t then clear. Use the scrub or loofah to prevent the appearance of fungus on the feet. This will help you to get rid of smelly feet. And I advise you to finally buy a special cream that will fight bad breath.

This is only a small part of the tips that will help you in the fight for clean and tidy body. You could start with this and we’ll throw in a couple of useful thoughts.

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